Business of what operation of ” of back door of “ mobile phone ascended black a list of names posted up?

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Business of the operation "of the back door of " mobile black rose a list of names published ?
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On March 15, 2010, exposure in 315 games at night from the center of the TV station "of the back door of the" mobile phone, business phone service operation enjoyed by a few heart was put sparks the interest passes through the power of purchase within the measure, mobile phone is required, expected shock for a method to entice consumers to click on mobile phone application that was carried out compulsively collect fees, here the " mobile operation business calls says "no signal was two times, consumers still can be fastened to spend less if they had" the buckle of claim costs for "short message, the mobile phone of Si Dakang of the UT in the program, the amounts of the climate to a mobile phone, and recognition of business operation serving China moves Apsaras fly generation, Ai Shi to wait to be called over. For the business of a few SP works with the provider of mobile software and did not arrive in the mobile phone before hand the average consumer and "buried next to omen", the application contains many words of fascination on the phone mobile under the trap and that is, the user clicks, even though this product is used in understanding the need to buckle to leave time to continue operating, the mobile phone can also send a short message automatically and deduct the costs. In this time of consumption, sending small sheep mouth tiger jaws of death, like, be divided by others at will. The personage inside course more study exploits ingredients, even if you do not click on the relevant application or software, the mobile phone is also true in fixed time or fixed according to time of introduction the statement that the deduction of costs, and the "requirement of mobile operation before it is too early trader states that" action is also lost twice, the consumer has not received the buckle of claim costs for a short message, can also be fastened to spend it it. Wide internet wake up here, you will receive individual rights and interests are required to seasonal connection when it invades the department of industrial and commercial management and relevant orgnaization with itself to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests is protected.
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