Female clothing with the color rule

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Womenswear with color rule
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Female clothing with color rule once asked the same question of two best-known fashion designers: clothes for women with the essentials of color what does not. Two designers gave me two answers: one said "linen closet of uniform color 2 as possible," added another. "The body color no more than 3" Two answers carefully try to find out who discovered the words of the wisdom indeed! "Two colors" actual implementation details are lines of gray and beige. You can not look in the next iteration, but I think that to understand the lines of gray and beige, fashionable to understand the origin can only be good ... red, yellow, blue, green and purple ... Why not one color, gray and beige, but that? Speaking from a painting that was: learn to draw people accustomed to the color as "warm and cool colors," is the preferred cool blue, purple, which are reminiscent of the cold snow and sky, these colors are usually in the paint used to display the object shading, it is not the place of the cold sun, warm color is red, yellow, brown, color, which are reminiscent of the flames, the sun and other hot items, color, in the paint is usually used to express more enthusiasm and objects, some smooth. Back to topic: the transition of gray are cool colors, beige is the transition from warm colors. Smooth transition in the two based on color, you can color with everyone without having to worry about strange is the lack of harmony. They have a very strong integrator. Then watch the shopping haute couture on the platform, most beyond the reach of the two colors. Some senior women altogether only two colors of clothes, and then with some beautiful scarves, shoes, handbags and other accessories to brighten the atmosphere of the store. Women who have experienced a great emphasis on choosing the time to buy colored clothing, as a "brown" can be distinguished from darkness to light hundreds of "coffee", they are not worried by repeat purchase, but surely buy clothes that one product is wild. Dominated beige and gray with the Department of principle, to buy clothes in the error rate is substantially reduced. Of course, fashion is not to eat cooked rice, and let you get an easy ride, the location of your admired not have been underestimated! This knowledge is what poor people do not commit fashion outrageous mixture of errors, really wonderful to fashion, but also the second rule to remember: they do more than 3 colors. The "body" refers to the body within a large area of ​​color. We do the work along with the title: a beige raincoat, with a black sweater, shoes and handbags to choose from? The color of the shoes can be black, darker than the brown coat, the package may be black, darker than the coat color or light that even the Department of beige, some can be. Harassment fashion title also contains a rule of troubleshooting: the larger the area needs more respect from the fashion rule, the smaller the zone can be bypassed. OK, then ask the question --- Road fashion designers tell you to have destroyed a "small area" package, the package can choose the color contrast between red or white, thick, also choose the color of the same beige and gold. This proposal has the knowledge to teach two of fashion: the same color that is not "color", so that when a layer of beige with brown, gold, light beige bag, can not be called " third color ", only red, white Great color contrast can be considered as a third color, the use of golden rule is" the bigger the contrast the better. " By rule of fashion also could not manage people, try not to try bigger contrast with the color always the safest option. In many works of fashion designer clothes, many more than 18 types of brightly colored clothing, which seems totally inappropriate for us to understand the current rules of fashion. But do not be fooled that the video and photographs, the bright colors of the stage in real life, may be appropriate, is at most a few times you use occasionally adjust the way I feel. It really makes you tire wear throughout the year, do not bother to see the clothes, the gray line is definitely long lasting, beige.
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