Purchase wholesale clothing tips

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Buy wholesale clothing tips
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Buy wholesale clothing skills 1, when the purchase of several errors. First, each brand of clothing is in a time like 20-25 years or 30-40 years of age. Naturally, the former general will be smaller code size of the majority, taking into account the large majority. In addition, the openings of new stores, warehouse of 10 people, 7 figures to the right people, not the opinions of any size, but more fat and guests reflect the clothes are too small to store more, indeed. As a shop owner to consider this part of the guests. However, the total size is generally between the S-XL. Unable to meet all customer needs. Some companies, of course, take into account the large size clothes to find something to meet the guest reviews, however, such clothes are not cheap, and soon mixed with the advantage of immediately overshadowed by the clothes . 2, paragraph pick pick dress code. For example, a clothing brand has a model 100-color, two colors, according to the general election law, we can see about 20%. The other 80% saw no opportunity for consumers, even the sales opportunities are gone. Along with picking colors, and sizes. In general, the selection of the load to 2,000 yuan will feel tired. Imagine that your vision is so good? A 160-shirt, in the 7-8 off in the next, there will be plenty of flaws, the color is not good, smaller (larger) one point less than my dress (pants) and so on. Discount 5.4, little views, and in most cases, appropriate pieces view thereof. A 3 times less than the price factor is not the obstacles, many of the problems that can be accepted. If, on people who buy more, and then purchased by others for a big loss. Or detention. 3 products planting, when the fear of too much pressure Yahuo funds. Only a few shop, guests can find the right clothes? In addition, one million products, may be able to sell 50% of goods, gross profit also more than 50% for some tips: 1, learn to sell, small size, this business is getting better, she is a good woman to wear what are good appearance, the natural frequency, well above the clothes. 2, the gain must be reasonable, usually 100% appropriate. 3, according to a marking of goods to take all possible. Size, color, color models. 4, the replacement time is typically 1-2 times a month the best clothing for analysis is not seasonal, for example, is selling the first half of summer, a sale of necklace, is selling on average about the neck of the sale. Sellers want to help you.
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