Driver's license exam to learn to drive more than doubled the price plus legal?

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Driving test license to learn to drive more than double the legal price ?
Answer1CharlotteAnswered at 2012-05-04 17:47:36
2006 issued by the Ministry of Communications issued by the driving school stricter requirements, and developed some rules of appropriate punishment . The new regulatory requirements , hours of motor vehicle driver training to implement the system in accordance with schedules and reasonable price. Motor vehicle driver hours of training institutions fees must be reported to local authorities for road transport regulations that clear records of the motor vehicle propulsion theory training institutions training time for each student no more than 6 hours per day , hands on training time , not every day more than 4 hours. Limited extension of hours with the school curriculum in driving vehicles, training venues and coach driving higher operating costs due to increased enrollment rates over time will result in driver training around of 500 yuan to rise , the maximum may exceed 5,000. However, students learning in the conduct of the changes do not feel important , but the whole process will be extended to learning to drive , take the cards are much slower than speed.
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