How can I report a dishonest salesman

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Asked at 2012-01-02 02:21:21
This seller sold me see cellulare phone are not working here in Canada. He said he went to work. I received the phone watches cellulare to discover that Wright often have to work in Canada . He tells me to return the item and he is sending other types of watches right away! I work here in Canada. Cellulare me back , but he sent me the new watches.He lied to me for 6 days that tells me the person for the tracking number is not in his office. I can not seem to receive the full amount paid. I had to pay customs charges plus the return postage. I just want to inform this person that everyone knows is a bad deal.
Answer1Sister. ° Answered at 2012-01-02 02:27:38

must inform the center of the dispute < / p >

Answer2AliceAnswered at 2012-01-02 02:49:19
this is chat lines Is this honest? said arrived today in China look at the date Mike sin (22:28:45): because if DHL, EMS, I'm not concerned, but it is China Post hehe ok, my friend, I can see the link, and I can not wait for them ca108691658 (22:29:20): ok Mike sin (22:29:30): but to the next, what products are needed? i can return together with other phones ca108691658 (22:30:06): no thanks I lost a lot of money I did not sell no more phone Mike sin (22:30:43): and what do you mean? friend 10 pieces of this phone? ca108691658 (22:31:10): only money Mike sin (22:31:23): it is impossible to friend also lose if you still do that, only await the decision of PayPal, we have the products ca108691658 (22:32:59): I email PayPal Products in China now Mike sin (22:33:13): But I do not agree, how? and can also send your email chat we had the price list you say you need to change phones, I had to agree with them Mike sin (22:34:42): if you just send a blank in China, how do? ca108691658 (22:37:54): I'm reporting it Allibaba chat line. businesses that do not accept it wrong Mike sin (22:38:37): i had sent the goods, do not tell lies only lies ca108691658 (22:39:04): who sent me to see work in Canada. that such a working phone in Canada. Mike sin (22:39:29): you say you can work copula ca108691658 (22:39:56): not your company told me not to work Mike sin (22:39:57): and I'm not sure I can get to China I can not see which country I can not see and had called many times since, say no is evidence ca108691658 (22:40:47): now i tell Allibaba Mike sin (22:41:00): and just send a blank box for me, no phones ca108691658 (22:41:45): Canada Post check the box Mike sin (22:41:56): but we see that how do? ca108691658 (22:42:10): and custom tick Mike sin (22:42:18): I also do not accept the product for two months ca108691658 (22:42:32): you are a bad person Mike sin (22:42:53): I'm not bad, I'm honest
Answer3I am so (h) Answered at 2012-01-02 03:15:43
Does anyone know which company , Ika Damayanti jap Ltd. of Japan, which have excellent products and prices that are too good to be true, which is the point which makes me doubt
Answer4hot_stuff Answered at 2012-01-02 04:12:31
Please be aware of the products at low prices, you only bait
Answer5Crimson Fart Answered at 2012-01-02 04:14:25
mario , I'm sorry to hear that, but finding a good supplier is more important , doing business over 5 years, and we Ofer my clients to you, you can check our first company, and then decided to do business or not. We hope to do business with you My name is Julia , my ID is: cn201117311 thanks
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