Decoration Guide: Winter decoration not afraid of difficulties the easy way

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Shopping Guide : Winter decoration , not afraid of difficulties with ease
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Decoration in the winter, for example, will experience some cold, poor lighting and other difficulties, but in order to avoid future problems, according to a certain point in the decorating job, make the way easier. Wood products dry and brittle, many people do not understand the use of synthetic fibers winter decoration plate, especially decorative boards, is in the. Drier, so its surface is very easy after the end of production of brittle fracture The occurrence of such problems, not at first see it, but if the work of painters that paint can not be maintained a day, then closed, is likely to cause cracks plywood veneer surface finish, not attractive, but also of life. In fact, this problem is easily solved: no outdoor storage of purchased materials, materials of construction start, place it near heating vents, or to prevent it from drying too quickly, the wood after the end of production, workers should be closed as soon as possible to keep up with paint to complete the work of evaporation of water cut, so late for the protection of wood products will do well. Chaigai into account an increasing emphasis on the heating of indoor heating, especially the radiator (heating) of the election. If the style cast iron radiators or heating effects are not satisfactory. Therefore, many people replace the radiator decoration. We have residential water pressure inside the radiator, radiator, or the rupture of water pipes, once heated, the water pressure it can to be in front of adults who play a somersault. Ordinary steel window or windows will be replaced with aluminum steel windows, the same need to have some problems that need attention. First, replacement windows must be in place. Great north wind in winter, some workers to install steel window easily, set at the foot of steel windows is not very strong, which will make the original is the founder of the window in which the wind out of shape (relatively speaking of course), or vertical windows tilt produced, may open the window more and more in the future problems may occur during the rainy season the rain poured room phenomenon. Secondly, the seal around windows cement mortar block must be strict. There's an old saying called "a big hole in the eye of a needle, the pearls of the wind," we put the lock drain well, otherwise the coldest time of winter, we find, had a good Interior Heat did not know where the cold wind blowing the waves. Thirdly, the windows do not seal plastic strip too tightly sealing. Many substances have the problem of thermal expansion and contraction, the rubber seal with steel window is no exception, when installed in the fall and winter there will be some degree of contraction, and the hot summer heat is generated after expansion. 1 | 2 Next (total of 2 pages)
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