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IE pop-up page .... upset ......1edi2012-05-04 16:34:58
Originally Well, I want to learn PS, and then not remember what the site the latest version of PS .... to your computer, then install ..... However, the point of installation , the accident does not move, I found that restarting the computer class ... restart .... automatically start page appears , and then went into safe mode, with the rabbit found on the network program of ten years, began the process of elimination of advice .... I deleted , WinSock2 been maliciously modified ... not repaired, the repair Karma .... I'll have a backup on the desktop ..... then restart in normal mode, which is the same ... I have a previous process Repeat several times , but each is the same effect, restart the system remains the same ... Page is, to bring a disaster, all master of all trades ... please support ah ...
Ask: START PAGE, and the difference between default page url1Palma2012-04-29 00:09:45
In the registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Internet Explorer Main under the two values. Home Page = about: blankDefault_Search_URL = my house is not really empty , or is Microsoft. However, the two values ​​is not it? What is the meaning of these two values, ?
Should Day-to-a-Page diaries have one diary page for each day?0puppy012012-09-15 19:24:02
I complained to trading standards a year that many newspapers described as the "Day to a page " actually had six pages a week , with Saturday and Sunday sharing a page . Trading Standards told me they could not do anything about it , because it was widely .
So why are we so upset with our political leadership?0Putra2012-09-25 18:51:03
So why are we so disgusted with our political leadership ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus President Bush
Bf is looking at escort websites, should I be upset?3Yedda2012-08-30 05:23:04
Ok so I 've been with my bf for almost 3 years, we don't have actual sex only oral because I want to wait till we get married. he has respected my decision since the very beginning and has never pushed me to do anything I didn't want to do. He treats me well and we try to be always honest with each other. He has told me has sexual urges and in order to satisfy them he watches a lot of porn to get off. So recently I stumbled in to his google history and found out that he has been going in to these escort websites which contained a lot of explicit pics of girls. So I panicked and decided to ask him directly if he has ever gone on an escort website without me telling him what I actually saw. He didn't deny it and said he goes on it sometimes to look at pics of girls because he's horny and that its like porn to him but would never act on it because he loves me. he says that he doesn't deny the fact that he would love for us to start having sex but is satisfied with what I can give him for now. He wants to wait till i'm ready.He told me that he can't deny that he gets very horny sometimes but said: " I would never trade my beautiful, smart and sexy gf for an escort". He says he understands my concern but that I have nothing to worry about and that if it really bothers me he will stop. Before him and I dated, my bf was sexually active but gave that all up to be in a relationship with me, he said I was worth the sacrifice. Now I know we don't have sex and he gets really horny and resorts to to these websites to get off but it just bothers me. I know he was honest and didn't deny anything and gave me his reasons for doing it but it still bothers me. what should I do? Should I be right to get upset even though we are not having sex?
Is anyone else upset with the Blockbuster Online plan changes?1sjsjfs2015-07-29 22:28:56
I received an e- mail the other day about how they were destroying the monthly coupon and limited to only 5 by the payment of one month . Or .... you can pay $ 25 a month and get unlimited movies and 3 in-store trade -ins. Am I reacting or is this a good deal?
Which of these accomplishments of President Obama upset Conservatives the most?1Chet2012-11-02 21:44:01
1. He ordered all federal agencies to undertake a study and make recommendations for ways to reduce spending MedlinePlus 2. We ordered a review of all federal operations to identify and cut wasteful spending and practices MedlinePlus 3. Instituted by the implementation of equal pay for women MedlinePlus 4. Since the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq MedlinePlus 5. Families of fallen soldiers have expenses covered to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB MedlinePlus 6. Ended media blackout on war casualties ; report complete information MedlinePlus 7. Ended media blackout on covering the return of fallen soldiers to Dover AFB , the media is allowed to do that adherence to respectful rules and approval pending a fallen soldier
Abolitionists were most upset about which of the following provisions in the Compromise of 1850?3Abdulkasim Akhmedov2015-10-30 23:59:39
A. California entered the Union as a Free State B. The Mexican Cession is divided into two territories C. The Mexican Cession was allowed to decide the question of slavery itself D. The slave trade was abolished in Washington DC E. Congress passed an escape of slaves more difficult
I wanted a girl and found out I'm having a boy. Am I wrong to be upset?4Antony2012-09-21 16:41:03
I had my gender analysis today and I am very sad and upset . My whole pregnancy I've been dreaming of a perfect baby . His name was supposed Aubryn Michelle , I was going to name after my mom . Today I learned that I have a child . :. ( All the excitement I felt about my pregnancy has been completely exhausted I have only 16 years and the only thing that keeps me from pressing on this was that I would have my own daughter , she would be my mini me . I have to buy adorable little girl clothes , or painting the nursery pink or talk about guys when I grow up or anything. All I get is a child to be hyper and obnoxious until he is a teenager , and then he 'll want girls and not even care about his mother anymore. Moreover , my best friends have perfect both girls , and now I worry that with a guy , I will not fit and I ' am going to lose my friends . would give anything to trade with them . came home crying and explained this to my mom , but she thinks I'm being selfish . selfish? says the person who had 4 girls . they do not understand . What do you think ? was anyone else upset with the sex of their baby ?
There is a city in greece printing their own money is this why the banks are so upset?0aditya2012-07-07 00:44:02
because the banks are not issuing credit to the people the people are using a from of I O U so that they can continue trading , The good part about this method is they do not have to pay interest on this from of money
Am I correct in assuming that china will no be paid back, and they may be upset about it?4adeyeni2012-10-27 05:59:03
Let's face it , do not get all their money from bond purchases . Do you think the U.S. is upset about steal your capitol to change unfair trade and currency manipulation ? Why the new aircraft carrier ? We have 11 of them . Are they sending a message ?
My computer every few minutes to automatically open IE browser. Very upset, who can help me? Next be greatly appreciated.1Lindsay2012-05-12 00:26:47
Please give me e- mail: [email protected]

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