Broke my phone N70 white screen, how do? Can fix it? related questions

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Broke my phone N70 white screen, how do? Can fix it?1Dave2012-05-04 07:26:29
Phone fell a bit , the result can not be changed to have been black and white. . . .
White screen mobile phone download games how to do1Haanah2012-09-25 03:49:02
Local development
VK900-screen slide and half the screen turns white, what is the line or the screen itself is the problem?1Humphre2012-03-08 01:12:22
My cell phone : VK900 just bought three months , but today I ran into a problem when half of the screen slides and become white, the other half is the animation of the normal screen , words basically not open the cover this problem occurs , consult experts in the end is where the problem occurs , the line? The screen ? or a virus? How I can handle this?
How do I find mid 7inches screen accessory? the one i bought broke1 vows: Ping â¿´ 2012-03-28 02:24:12
I mean 7 " ebook broke so i need a new screen that replaced the break.
VBA: White screen, how do I fix this?0Gaveen2012-08-03 21:21:50
I'm trying to trade a Pokemon that can only evolve when it has been traded with myself because I'm playing on an emulator for my iPhone (gpSPhone). I copied the .sav file and the .gba file from my iPhone onto my computer, and downloaded VBA. Then when I try to open my .gba file, in the left bottom of the VBA screen it says "Battery loaded", but nothing happens! All I get is a white screen. How do I fix this? I've allready tried: Options> Emulator > Save Type > "Flash 128k" I'm running this on Windows 7 32-bit Professional Using VBA Link 1.72 LAN version Playing Pokemon Ruby
Computer screen goes white0Shanny2012-07-23 08:12:02
Changing a starter on the target, and all you can not read.
White or Grey screen for LCD projector ?1sidlord2012-10-07 05:33:03
Panasonic AX100U 2000 ANSI 14 feet celing mounting a 133 "screen , full control of light. I just got a Cineperm Draper M1300 with a screen . Everything looks fine, except I see a ' fog ' throughout the screen, due to black levels . Its really driving me Nutz . you can have the option to exchange them for a high definition gray Draper. this image will be much better to what I'm looking for?
Black and white screen Nokia 32501Aztech 2012-06-02 06:56:35
My Nokia 3250 is not accidentally pressed a bit if they had the white screen , but the phone call to your music, what are the best teacher help me please , how are you? ? The screen is not completely broken ? Now the amount of money on another screen ?
Changhong C2991 thin top of the screen appears white horizontal stripes, is the problem? How to repair?1turtle dove2012-03-23 00:25:43
Changhong C2991 to my top of the screen appears after starting thin horizontal white stripes , is the problem ? How to fix ?
There is no rotating screen phone with MP3's1Birch2012-03-27 19:20:34
What is the price / ?
The price for mobile phone LCD screen1Chris2012-01-18 18:21:11
Holley screen LCD H6000 cell phone do not know how badly crowded , housing is not broken, broken inside the screen is very clear in a crack , cracks around the large black point , the phone functions properly, ask questions how to change a screen?
Pixel cell phone screen that good?1Betty2012-05-21 04:25:49
Mobile phone screen , 26 million colors, and color some 16 million dollars, 240x320 pixels , the type of course ah ?

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