Interpretation of the European Union CE Mark Certification

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Interpretation of the European Union CE Mark Certification
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The EU is the largest trade partner of China. EU exports to the European Union CE mark as an important step, the manufacturer has always been regarded as open and enter the European market, "passport", the EU failed to prevent imports of a product line more important and the most basic defense. Under the existing provisions in the EU market for industrial products will place the CE mark will not be for sale. Toys Directive (88/378/EEC), the Machinery Directive (98/37/EC), the Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC, 2006/95/EC) and other major requirements of the EU directives are carried out CE Marking. In 2008, the EU introduced a 765/2008/EC and 768/2008/EC two provisions aimed at strict regulations CE mark certification to ensure product safety. Focus on the new law is to strengthen market surveillance CE marked, specific measures include the strengthening of EU ports eligibility customs taxes on imported goods, offers products with CE markings of the activities assessment procedures conducted by the designated rating agencies, rating agencies authorized to notify procedures for member states to provide an assessment of each member institution located to your notice of assessment is valid throughout the European region, manufacturers require, distributors, importers responsible for perfecting the different modules of procedures for conformity assessment. In addition, the new law also makes the size of the stringent CE requirements for CE marking must have the same components of the vertical dimension not less than 5 mm, both CE marking is reduced or enlarged, and the provisions of the relationship original aspect There are subtle differences will be treated as misuse, shall be subject to severe legal measures to stop the States. After implementation of new regulations, customs procedures, licensing policy and market monitoring tools should be listed January 1, 2010. This shows that the European Union certification standards of the EC to improve the domestic manufacturers will result in a global impact and far reaching. However, the implementation of new regulations around the corner, many domestic export businesses have not paid sufficient attention to the inspection and found that in recent years, many companies recognize the existence of the CE mark, some errors: First , a company that is safe for the CE mark, only attention to the safety requirements of products, in fact, far from safety requirements. CE placed on products that meet the safety, health, environmental protection and consumer and a series of European directives to express needs, such as a refrigerator Taiwan's exports to the EU Directive to be consistent LVD, EMC Directive, the RoHS Directive and WEEE Directive. Second, the CE marking must be affixed to products that do not fit the CE mark, resulting in the arrival of goods at the ports of the EU after the arrest or even destroyed. Third, the error of the CE mark attached, including affixing the CE marking does not meet the requirements and should not be affixed to the product affixed CE marking the CE marking, these practices after the implementation of new regulations, EU will face punishment. Fourth, the product of the affixing of the EC, but not through the procedures of conformity assessment, leading to products entering the EU market because they do not meet the requirements harmonized standards in the EU Official Journal. In fact, the coordination of standards developed by European standards, all products meet these standards can be considered as meeting the essential requirements of EU directives. Most exports to the EU can be found for the coordination of product standards, after implementation of new regulations, the activities of conformity assessment must be completed by the designated rating agencies. Recommendations for the inspection and quarantine departments related companies: One is to raise awareness of the crisis, the EU initiative to understand the latest regulations and policies and trends, in particular, should pay attention to the relevant provisions understanding of the CE mark, CE mark to prevent the abuse of misuse, second, market orientation, increase research and development in developing high technology, low power consumption, low pollution products, improve the responsiveness of the EU barriers green, and the third is in the field of EU Directive for CE certification of export products in a timely manner to ensure that products meet the EU requirements, Fourth awareness, safety in protecting the environment and production technology full of leaks, lot traceability of raw materials to finished products and production processes, safety and health, small for the CE mark product label and other details of the shape and size, are required to comply with the CE of the EU requested effective measures to avoid export risks.
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