What is a Black Diamond Worth?

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What is a Black Diamond Worth ?
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Black diamonds are gaining popularity in jewelry. What a black diamond worth depends on a variety of factors - especially the treatments and carat weight - but worth less than colorless diamonds . Basic Black Diamond Black diamonds get their color from inclusions, which often consist of graphite. These inclusions are black diamonds more prone to breakage than colorless diamonds . They are opaque - no light can pass through them - and difficult to cut. treatments Most black diamonds on the market today come from the earth a dark green color and uniform, so to undergo a treatment to become a more uniform black color . From the perspective of a collector , treatments reduce the value of a gemstone. The treatments often are not disclosed to buyers. Sometimes, the jewelry merchant does not know. Carat Weight Black diamonds are available in a variety of weights carats. Generally , the larger a stone , the more worthwhile. Large stones (2 or more carats ) that have not been treated are very rare. The other C Most people have heard of the four C is used in judging diamonds - cut, color , clarity and carat. Black diamonds are judged differently, especially when it comes to color and clarity, because the color is due to inclusions that make the dark stone, and are not desirable traits in the market for colorless diamonds . Value of the black diamonds Black diamonds are available in a variety of price points, but you can usually expect to spend between $ 100 and $ 400 per carat.
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