Knowledge of the living room decoration related questions

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Knowledge of the living room decoration1Nara2012-05-04 02:59:40
Knowledge of the decoration of the living room
Living room dining room ceiling decoration rendering renderings1majenta2012-07-25 01:38:03
Ceiling living room decoration representations of representation
10 square meters living room decoration1 ╱ Ding-class daughter -2012-01-30 19:29:46
Less than 12 square meters living room, long and 4 meters and 3 meters wide, but also a small hallway with two doors (long ), do not know how to put better furniture?
In the past year to decorate the living room, living room decorated like to ask what is Taboo?1Enid2012-03-28 23:46:11
In the past year to decorate the living room , living room decorated like to ask what is taboo?
Korean garden style bedroom, living room decoration picture net effect chart decorated Korean1Whack Attack 2012-01-27 03:25:49
Korea bedroom garden style, room décor decorated letter net effect image of Korea
I want to frame a large room into a bedroom a living room, do not know who has a good design, requiring simple. The best and renderings. Thank you0Foster mathebula2012-07-27 03:45:02
Photo Figure knowledge of science Raiders decoration decoration1Tired.. like n1. Shefu 嘚 . 2012-04-10 07:45:44
Photo Figure knowledge of science decoration decoration Raiders
1. Small Light house recently purchased a house in preparation for renovation room with wooden flooring, living room with ceramic tile laying, the market research to know: The1DeAr_M2011-12-23 00:01:22
1. Little Light House recently bought a house in preparation for the rehabilitation room with hardwood floors, living room with ceramic tile laying , market research , the two materials are not equal wages to lie on the ground, a little light in the lower area, bedroom and living on the filing of charges (purchase of materials and wages ) were to make a budget through the list, and X (square meters ) that establishes the area field, with and ( Yuan) , said the filing of charges , known in the budget of a small light , the placement of one square meter square meters of tiles on a wooden floor which was completed more than 5 million dollars to buy one square meter 1 square meter of ceramic tiles is to purchase the cost of wood floors 3 / 4 , then puts square meter wooden floor tiles, the salary is the dollar amount ? Shop by floor square meter of wood, tile is the number of dollars paid out? (Budget cost of laying room 135 yuan / square meter, the cost of placing the living room of 110 yuan / square meter)
Wage earners to be able to save money after decoration decoration living1Wallis2012-04-24 21:11:13
Employees to save money after living decoration decoration
Decoration room decoration how to not fall into the trap of the company0Charmin2012-07-14 11:23:01
Decorating Room decor not to fall into the trap of the company
Walls decorated living room ... ...1Archibal2011-12-27 17:36:48
I decorated the television backdrop , but do not know what kind of a good choice. I want a polished, and looked a little brighter. My room is small and somewhat obscure, do not know how to do it right . That the experts to help plan your painting decorating look , first thank you very much friends ... ... ... ... ... ...
The living room carpet colors1Regina2012-05-08 07:03:20
My flat is light-colored leather , a little old feeling unsolicited . The sofa is the same tea -colored , glass coffee table coffee. TV wall is the pattern in shades of brown. What is the color of carpets and curtains ah selected. It seems a little soft color ?

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