Knowledge of the living room decoration

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Knowledge of the decoration of the living room
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The living room is the largest of the living conditions of the family living space, but also the center of family activity, its main function is the family room, watching TV, listening to music, talk, and other members family together. Settings are living room furniture sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, bar cabinets and other accessories and Cheng Li. As the room has a multi-purpose area, activities and more, people-oriented features interchangeably, so that the design of the room and the living space to another with a certain degree of difference, the design must be full account of the space environment flexible Using the update page centered. Configuration design in furniture arrangement should be reasonable, taking full account of the navigation flow lines and the division of each functional area. And then with a light color, and other auxiliary functions of the design of the living room. Link: Update age of six being set design bathroom defies the classic European style, Chinese modern classic Hong Kong style, the wonderful guy, the most loved by the masses are clean modern lines and bright colors. The features of the decoration of the living room with the versatility and the living room, usually in the design of the functional areas isolated by the form used. Usually in the form of a [1] ticket court, [2] Article wall panels, [3], flower-shaped cut, [4] to cut the desktop, [5] Sub-grid model smallpox, [6] with high ceiling lighting subframe weak and so on. Elements of a room decoration, decorative items (1) living room can generally be divided into reception area, dining room, study areas. Outside the reception area should be properly by some close to the kitchen dining area, study area only a corner of the room. (2) to meet the evolving needs of the living room, you should pay attention to the harmonization of the living room, the various functional areas of the local garden decor, you should pay attention to the visual aesthetics in general. Room should have a tone color design. What color and the tone should reflect the owner's hobby. (3) the general tone of the room a more elegant or cold are some of the colors. There is enough space south of sunlight, cool colors can be used, north room can warm tones. Tone mainly through floors, walls, reflecting the best, and decorations, furniture, etc. just as transfers, complementary role. In short, to comfort, warm and intimate, rich, full, people feel calm and pleasant. 1 | 2 Next (total of 2 pages)
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