Why only students of entrepreneurship policy ah? No high school students do? Can high school students also enjoy the policy ah? ? ? ? related questions

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Why only students of entrepreneurship policy ah? No high school students do? Can high school students also enjoy the policy ah? ? ? ?1squirrel2012-05-03 23:06:29
Why just students enterprise policy ah ? No high school students to do? Can high school students can also enjoy politics huh? ? ? ?
What is the name of the online "game" for college and high school students to learn about trading stocks?0Leondra2012-09-26 20:17:04
My dad told me about it , and want to learn more about trade and such. He gave me some knowledge of what is , and is basically like Monopoly , you get a fixed amount of money , and is used to invest and buy more shares . It keeps track of everything for you . It's like a simulated portfolio with play money.
I am a High School science students, will want to learn industrial design, should now be ready to do professional1vagina_game 2012-03-12 19:10:16
As the title. For example , mapping software to learn what not. The more detailed the better answer, Thanks principal
Brilliance driving school in Texas to learn right? ? Arima school students I pull C11Olave2012-05-02 22:11:03
Brilliance , driving school in Texas to learn right? ? Students of the school bag Arima C1
Accidents in the after-school students to play a break, how much should I ask the school for the degree of compensation?1Lo2012-01-18 20:16:20
Students at the school after the accident , the number of schools for the degree of compensation should be based ?
The "Motherland and I forge ahead with the development of the school and I" as its theme, focusing on employment and entrepreneurship for college students planning which activities?1Petica2012-02-06 00:34:50
The " mother country and continue the development of the school and I " as subject, focusing on employment and entrepreneurship for college students planning activities?
Where there are college students venture three free policy?1- 등으로 다른 단어와2012-05-03 03:54:10
When three college students risk -free policy ?
Why do British school students have to study "to kill a mockingbird"?1Virgie2012-09-03 08:40:03
Whereas Britain has more than its fair share of well-regarded novels ( Dickens , Hardy , DH Lawrence , Hemingway , etc. ) , why do we have to study American literature ? Technicaly not even particularly good , I understand that these are important issues (racism , white supremacy , so good and bad ) , but does not refer to them in a particularly tallented is neither absorption nor subtly nuanced ( and I 've read it twice to make sure I was not missing something ) for a non-American and really not much to relate . I can understand the need to teach ciriculum on racism and the slave trade ( although there are several other things in the ciriculum already address this issue , it's almost like they are trying to overcompensate for the sins of our ancestors ) , but why not use a British novel to do ? (eg small island andrea Levys ' )
Nine of the ten students in primary school arithmetic problem wrong answer1Susie2011-12-22 05:04:04
Nine of the ten students from primary response the school arithmetic problem wrong One day a young man came to the king the shop owner bought a gift , this cost is 18 yuan gift, the price is 21 yuan. The result is this young excavation of 100 yuan to buy this gift, the boss changed the king , with 100 yuan to 100 yuan for changing neighborhood , looking for young people 79 yuan. However, the district was later discovered that counterfeit 100 yuan , Wang is also the owner of the neighborhood impotence 100. Now the question is : Wang boss lost in this transaction at the end how much? ? (including loss cost 18 yuan , do not count at 21 million euros) Note: This post only fun games , not transactions . To find out the result was no answer , even if the response. Because no smart ah . Do you think someone wrong, you can not. Maybe you're wrong. This post has been edited on 07/28/2007 1:01:11 hclifeng01
I am a secondary school students in Jinan doing good? Please you heroes figure it out, thanks!1 - Indian love letters scared' -2012-01-20 22:14:16
I am a high school student in a joint venture to work, the wages of less than 2,000 yuan a month , and now you want to yourself, do not want to work with others, and Jinan do good? Please let the heroes to find out,thanks ! PS: I studied chemical engineering, but I do not like , I want change! And I was a child , thanks!
40% of the network stores opened by the students in the thousands of students earn on-line shop1Dayo2011-12-26 00:08:38
40% of stores open network for students in the thousands of students earn online store more and more students see the business opportunities of e-commerce. E-commerce platform of a journalist was informed that a site more than ten thousand "personal store", 40% of college students are open, that number is constantly growing, and students are getting bigger store . Some students have several stores in a single person, small business and became a bigger way. It has been reported that people buy online is the online trading platform by the seller, and buyers trading in kind and in cash, kind, provided that the owner has reached a certain scale, the shops be opened. The store is simple and requires no fees for students of all ages. East China University of Commerce and Industry 2002 Dingxu Jing Management has three online stores are boutiques clank, Tintin fashion line, the classic style of professional clothing store, fashion head band. "The biggest advantage of shopping online is no cost." She said, opening a shop is not necessary to buy, as long as the supply line. Usually, when shopping, fantasy hats, jewelry, shoes and other objects filmed with a digital camera, and then spread to the Internet. Luxury buyers an article online message, the two sides after a brief communication, the buyer sends the money, went to receive the goods, and then sent to the buyer need not take any chances. Personal Storage profitable online is attracting college students of the important reasons. Shanghai International Studies University journalism room this morning to be part of this trade is because "to earn pocket money." He told reporters that her friends are online stores, earns $ 500 a month 1,000 yuan. You can also open the store does not need to sell their own stuff. This can be supplemented a little money. It is understood, each full-time graduate students engaged in this industry, because they do not pay taxes, the monthly income of more than one million. University of Shanghai, Chen Jia Information and Computer Science for two years on the Internet, has opened a "store of staff." She said that although the Internet is more false, the liar, but also a lot, sometimes not satisfied with the customer to return the goods, the procedures are very complicated, but as a sideline to earn pocket money is feasible. In this sense, work, study director of the Center of Fudan University professor Zhang later, Wang said that although the online store do not need to cost money, but investing the time costs. Operators have to spend much time in reporting procedures, the source of supply and others as foreigners thought it would be easy. College students make this trip for a change, to organize your time to learn the main, do not put too much energy on impact studies. Weibo network development Wibaux www.web08.net online purchasing system (procurement system), a great procurement system tailored for you, shop and commercial center of the system platform, such as your favorite online store online procurement system in the store! Buy now Weibo online shopping price system (www.web08.net/gwxt.asp) selection system to select Wibaux online shopping system ~ 021-55520018 [em19]
I would like to learn to drive, but driving test useful to you college students after two years without a car so it will not hand students ah?1deeezz nutzzz 2012-02-06 02:36:26
I would like to learn to drive, but driving test useful for you college students after two years without a car to not be given to students ah ?

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