Control of idle speed control valve iscv What is the rationale

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Control valve Idle speed control ISCV What is the rationale
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ISCVIdleSpeedControlValve idle speed control valve idle control valve of the ignition source of the power switch, as long as the ignition switch to the position, the vacuum valve speed control is activated, the motor control computer circuit ground. When the engine operating parameters deviate from normal, using the valve for adjusting the idling speed. Idle speed by controlling the amount of air bypass the throttle body to adjust. After starting the engine, the vacuum valve speed control to open for some time in the air increases, the engine idle speed increased 150r/min-300r/min. When the engine coolant temperature is low, the control valve is open idle speed, to reach adequate rest quickly. Depending on the temperature of engine coolant computer, changing the force transmitted signal idle speed control valve to control the speed of the idle control valve piston position. Idle Speed ​​Control stepper motor valve is the world's most widely used as a device quiescent current of speed control. EFI system bypass channel opening automotive air, thus regulating gas bypass, the engine speed to achieve the desired goal. Structural principle: the composition of the permanent magnet rotor, the shape of excitation of the stator winding and the rotary motion into linear motion of the feed screw and the valve components. System is used to convert the power control signal is transferred to the rotor step can also be reversed, so that the valve (screw) to adjust the stretch in order to achieve the purpose of the air channel bypass cross section to stabilize the idle, and achieve the desired idle speed.
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