Pirates VS Conan strange

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Kidd has appeared several strange set of Pirates of the cases are
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Fault Kidd pirate in "Detective Conan", the debut of Animation: TV version: 076 vs 132 children Conan Pirates, Magic fans blame for the murders (Papers presented at events) 133, murders Magic fans (documents baffled ) 134, murders Magic fans (settlement documents 219) was called the detective's name! Kudo strange new Pirates vs. Pirates of the strange Kidd Kidd incredible 356 foot houses 394 exotic adventure air (board papers) 395 Aventura homes exotic (documents organs) houses 396 exotic adventure (settlement documents) 469 Kidd and the Pirates the strange four tables (prequel) 470 and four stolen paintings strange Kidd (second part) 472 Kudo new adventure for teenagers (prequel) (Black Feather stealing a) of the youthful adventures Kudo 473 new (second part) (Pirates Black Feather A) 515 Pirates of the strange movement instantly Kidd (October 20, 2008 has been granted) Movie: Silver Wing final M3 century magician magician's detectives M10 M8 OVA Requiem: Sword of Conan vs Children vs OVA1 A great battle to fight sword! OVA4 Conan and Kid and Crystal Mother OVA6 monitoring the disappearance of diamonds! Ping times Kenan VS Kidd! Special theater Code: M8 Extra: M10 Silver Wing travel time Extra: Thanksgiving 10 years! ! 3D Conan Special Awards Articles: Conan VS Kid! Conan VS Dark Child sniper! Sharks and jewelry, "Detective Conan" appearances: 076 mafia Kidd Pirates Conan Special 1 hour (VS Pirates fault "Pirates VS Conan Kidd strange" targets 09/22/1997: Dark Star (Dark Star) Black Star Announcement letter: April Fools' Day, when the moon separating two, on behalf of the dark star, was invited to the waves, which will go to ... - Pirates Kidd strange interpretation "when the moon separated" means that the Moon involved in satellite time from the Sun, must be the BS radio base point, the time is midnight until four o'clock. "Invited to the waves in the" "wave" means "wave" should be fired . the radio waves coming towards BS BS radio waves south west forty-five degrees, 42.3 degrees elevation direction of the emission signals of rice flower museums to see, the location is - cup Character hotel roof house costume: Xiaolan by:. Pool fled in this episode, KID Tomoko Suzuki, who speculated that the real dark stars are born, so let's fake pearls explode and cause chaos, as they fall when Tomoko supported, get the pearl The classic statement: If the Pirates are a highly qualified stranger, stealing treasure, creators, is a detective with the hook after just nit, the best, but a critic of the person after all. aficionados murders Magic 132 (event code) (Thaumaturgy loving family murders (event code)) 01/25/1999 133 murders magic enthusiasts (confused ed.) (murder Thaumaturgy loving family ( perplexed Code)) 1999 / 2.1 134 Magic fans murders (address code) (murder loving family Thaumaturgy (address code)) 02/08/1999 convert characters: Jin Take the tree to escape the conflict by: Wing delta away in this episode with KID convert the tree into a sudden Jin Take, fish display the name of red shell, participated in the "magic enthusiasts Union" party, the real trick to investigate the dead child (Spring Magic Road before the wind came with the name of his granddaughter to continue communication with the screen name) Why can continue communication. During the murder occurred late. Xianchuyuanxing talented opera Kidd Best Line :. (on Conan) Goodbye, detective rang the bell at the end of the century in the statement, we will meet again 356 Kidd Pirates of singular strange air walk 1 hour special items (air strange surprise Pirates walk the line) 04 / 12/2004 objective: the miracle of the great blue sea (in fact, is a consortium of consultants Jiro Suzuki Suzuki family letter of Kyrgyzstan to the challenge of the boy, boy is not interested in this, but still accepted the challenge and says he has a foot) turning the character: Jiro Suzuki, Kyrgyzstan (escape) in this episode, the men KID allows (I think it should be his housekeeper) driving the machine mixes the seventh police helicopter, two wires line of the aircraft, so Kid seemingly suspended in the air, and then reported that there is a line of wire head KID, Conan and others are also found on both sides, "preconceived" ideas to make the mystified Conan : how can humans! flesh and blood against gravity costume characters: Jiro Suzuki, Kyrgyzstan (escape) Kid, Conan the classic dialogue: K: This can also be called Blue Wonder, Ke Miracle escape from heaven, the blue sky Wonder Blue is the color of the sea Oh, K:. not the same sea and the days are blue Pirates of the detective and guilt is the same, though they seem worlds apart, but their roots, out of curiosity, is find others to explore something hidden harshness of believers Ko:. deceive the blue sky and the sea due to scattering and reflection of light, of completely different nature, not confused As proof, the deposit is not blue Oh K: .. is the dream of this guy really is the lack of Ko: dreams can not see through the truth of the 219
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