Is the jeans pocket that did not cross cottony?

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Asked at 2012-05-03 04:42:49
It 's pocket jeans that do not cross cottony ?
Answer1KaelynAnswered at 2012-05-03 04:45:52
I helped a friend buy a lot of goods last month, is good in stock , look at the network very well, and mix to buy the house to join a department, had asked him what cross , which says it is not but the money I have is not to say in this regard , it is curious that fights the sweet smell still has two still have a woman like that crosses flirty woman does not know about this thing he asks me to sell the house , says not knowing what comes from the fragrance , the sale of the house to say he is washed with water, can still have bathroom smell too sweet ? Bath crosses out the pants you can put bright? Not the cross within cottony meeting? I want to sell the house to eat it here to remind the house a large purchase , the goods are purchased on the network must first select the treasury pays to take the treasure for trade , do not do "from the" initial cash as far as possible, this type of home selling commodity is abnormal channel , this was deceived , but the money is in the pockets of others, how can you do, buy merchandise that best not to use cash down the network of the kind of medicine have no regrets in the world, not the business man of sincere letter is not a real person, " not to travel much benefit was killed themselves it undoubtedly "
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