Wedding dress Dalian | Dalian wedding rentals | rent wedding dress rental-free two

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Wedding Dress Dalian | Dalian wedding rentals | wedding dress rental free rental of two
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Wedding dress wedding | Dalian rental | rent wedding dress hire free two wedding dresses rent wedding Dalian / Dalian / Dalian Wedding / best wedding Dalian / Dalian Real Monarch Dress wedding dress bride wedding photography studio rental LIVE Hall website http:/ / vivanlianren. LIVE Dalian monarch of the royal wedding photo studio wedding dress Salon Contact QQ: 532882222 532883333 now rent wedding dress rental free two nights a mark in the dream wedding founder LIVE ... ... Business dress is a special inspiration of beauty and the persistent pursuit of women simple, elegant fashion, is the style that has always favored. In the eyes of Live, beautiful and elegant, not just in some of the patent, every bride has the right to dream and stick to attain beauty. Download (18.66 KB) 16.04.2010 14:00 download wedding dress (20.39 KB) 16.04.2010 14:00 download wedding dress (17.17 KB) 16.04.2010 14:00 So wedding dress , LIVE wedding dress as a vehicle, on a beautiful stretch, bringing the dream of the company. LIVE appearance attracted the attention of many newcomers. Soft tissue and texture to highlight at the same time, increased use of hand dimension cutting the wedding dress fashion field has been a constant "culture of the wedding." Because wedding dress LIVE well aware of the needs of new, avant-avant-garde fashion and give it a subtle elegant design to conserve and use their own experience new feelings of the heart. 2008 took the wind out of the marriage of luxury to the trend of the season, the luxury does not mean that means using the most expensive luxury, luxury is an art, is to show that little by little into the details of design among the best evidence the designer and users to enjoy its taste. 08 years wedding LIVE with a large number of Chinese Li Leisi, fine fabrics thick skin card, flowers, feathers exaggerated light hand, hand-colored glass beads and complicated performance of a delicate atmosphere of luxury . But the real reason people like the wedding dress LIVE LIVE is the definitive exploration of the beauty, the most popular in the wedding dress and the selection of an unwavering dedication to quality. Download (19.52 KB) 16.04.2010 14:00 download Dress (18.26 KB) 16.04.2010 14:00 download Dress (28.65 KB) 16/04/2010 14:00 a wedding dress. Live growth process in March 2003 in Shanghai. And the establishment of the design studio LIVE wedding dress. August 2003 Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel on the agenda of the first wedding held in October 2003 with the television series "The first hundred girlfriend" to the extent 100 of the wedding and actress Alyssa Chia specially adapted the dress drama wedding. August 2004, the success of the first and five-star JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Hotel Show Cooperation. Major hotels in Shanghai each year wedding show as "Shanghai Jin Mandarin positions", "Shanghai Regal", "Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao," and in October 2004 opened in Shanghai on the ground of independent production. And most wedding reached in the production of the factory in Shanghai. July 2005 in Shanghai, the first wedding supplies Plaza (Plaza de la Providence wedding) at the opening of new branches. June 2006 he moved to Shanghai Yandang. August 2006 consulting system perfected the dress, so that clients appreciate the professional advice and friendly service. August 2006 held at the World Center Fair Wedding Special LIVE, making the industry alike. And every year in March and August are regularly held special show. March 2007 in Beijing, "Wedding Fair" was "the mark of the most popular wedding dress again," May 2008 Lawrence Ng of Hong Kong cinema star couple custom wedding dress. Improvement in 2008 and run the enterprise system, business management, later internationally. February 2009, March, April, respectively, in Tianjin, Wuhan, Dalian opened retail stores. Held in March 2009 "became the beautiful princess DIY" activities, participate in their own wedding of the couple to design and regulate armies. April 2009 in Shanghai Fashion Festival products participate in electoral activities, and organized a large sample of the wedding, then wait for the experts and the general consumer recognition and love, was "the most popular foreign brand" . II. Honors 2005 - 2008, married a continuous channel network won the fence "business quality", the title of 2006: Top Ten of China won the wedding ", the most popular wedding dress again" 2006: China won the International Marriage Bo "Ten of the wedding dress of strong sales of the brand" award for 2007: Top Ten of China won the wedding, "the most popular wedding dress again" 2009 Shanghai International Fashion Festival of Culture was awarded "most international brands of fashion" in Dalian Real Monarch awards wedding wedding photo studio LIVE unique wedding dress, Holiday dinner, do not offer wedding photos, photos of the wedding for use. VA2618.jpg (19.3 KB) Download :02010-4-16 14:00 wedding dresses VA2618-1.jpg (20.25 KB) Download :02010-4-16 14:00 VA2618 VA2715.jpg wedding dresses (21.81 KB) downloads: wedding dresses 02010-4-16 VA2649.jpg 14:00 (21.52 MB) Download :02010-4-16 14:00 VA2651.jpg wedding dresses (21.75 MB) Downloads: 02010 -4 - 1614: 00 wedding dresses VA2652.jpg (19.1 KB) Download :02010-4-16 14:00 VA2688.jpg wedding dresses (20.61 KB) Download :02010-4-16 14:00 VA2689.jpg dresses girlfriend (21.21 KB) Download :02010-4-16 14: 00 wedding dresses VA2690.jpg (22.48 KB) Download :02010-4-16 14:00 wedding dresses
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