And related the story of famous generals (the ancient Chinese will do modern foreign!!!) related questions

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And related the story of famous generals (the ancient Chinese will do modern foreign!!!)1Alfred2012-05-01 23:22:01
So help me find a 555555
Save me ah! Give me a little more famous little story! Thank you, ah! Really useful @!1gander_wild goose2012-04-29 04:13:59
........ fast
The story of those who start of Ancient Lantern Festival1Gill2012-04-03 19:00:24
These ancient stories of the Lantern Festival the first month to start is the first month, the fifteenth day hanging lights. Although the Lantern Festival has not been established as the "May Day", "October" and other holiday so "golden", but the last two years, never tired of the holiday companies in the economy began to attack the Lantern Festival. Well, the story is the Lantern Festival What business? What is the story of the business opportunities to seize the Lantern Festival? Billion block light, moving to Beijing in mid-first month. Hundred wife dance with long sleeves, one in heaven with the sound of words. - (Tang) Zhang Hu "Lantern Festival Night Light", a festival of five cent flashlight lanterns also known as "Festival of Lights" is because people have the habit of bluffing, this custom originated in the Han Dynasty The Tang Dynasty, the rulers of the unprecedented attention to the development of the Lantern Festival in the city of lights. Poem of Tang Wei Dynasty "in the system and the fifth night of St. Lotus Lantern (unit Fu) the party must be", says "several days visitors to the moon to light." Every time I close the Lantern Festival, every household to buy flashlights, along with the flashlight to pay attention to the complicated production process, so that the production and sale of lamps of the city lights, "" came to exist. It is understood that Dengshikou Beijing today, is the Ming and Qing dynasties, when the city lights. Festival of lights at night, lights can be hung by the popular artists of the city produce a variety of lamps, sconces, chandeliers, etc., for people to see, while the sale. Second, on Long Street was this morning for the city, put lights at night. Opening date, merchants, distribution of goods produced around, everything. And some of the wealthy elite, but also the temporary construction of the road for hire, so the whole family lamps, and even the formation of "no matter, the vehicles can not turn," the crowd scenes. Tang Lantern Festival is the "before and after the Spring of days" in the sixteenth song and added two days after the Ming Dynasty, was extended to eighteen by the eighth day of the full ten days. For the Qing dynasty, Manchu, Central Plains, the court will not make the Lantern Festival, the private sector remains the spectacular lantern. Even today, Lantern Festival based private or organized.
On the ancient Chinese lanterns,1rayden2012-08-05 18:28:03
Brother wanted to know what the ancient Chinese lanterns , including the types , structures and customs and lanterns and so on, we want to give to which of the wise, be grateful!
Give me information about the ancient Chinese toys (if a holiday toy)1Aztech 2011-12-28 20:30:30
This is our work , urgent ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Is the notion of kids giving apples to their teacher on the first day of school related to a biblical story?1Sandale2012-09-01 21:10:03
The whole apple thing on the first day of school always puzzled me until I was stopped at a grocery store several days ago by a poster of a kid in front of a blackboard holding books and an apple on top of them all. The apple made me think of the story in Genesis where Adam and Eve are eating an apple from (what I believe is) the tree of knowledge in the garden in order to posses knowledge. Are we sending kids to school with apples so they can trade it for knowledge or is my connection a just mere coincidence?
Why Power Dekor first obtain a "Chinese famous brand" after the title of the "Shanghai Famous Brand" title? National certification as to the city of certification?0popely q2012-07-27 22:57:59
Why Power Dekor first obtain a " China Famous Brand " after the title of " Shanghai Famous Brand " title ? National certification as to the city of certification?
New listing of foreign famous Teddy Bear Christmas myself!3Breona2015-07-03 21:19:42
New listing of foreign famous Teddy Bear Christmas myself! following the Christmas version of the teddy bears, are from the famous manufacturer of plush toys, the brand has a history of more than a century, together Check it out! 1.jpg (0 Bytes) downloads :02007-12-3 13:09
Han Chinese clothing related books1Akhona2012-07-30 09:34:57
Preferably not the electronic version under the title says
Would like to exchange links with foreign trade related websites0Pag2012-07-09 01:26:02
Trade related websites to exchange links with my site is now up to 2 PR, in order to better promote website, want to exchange links with sites of foreign trade intersect. Note: If Guizhan to my link on the home page, we will also link the Guizhan placed in home location. If the inside pages, we will, as a treatment. Website Title: Foreign Trade Website SEO or Fu Bo Trade Network
European History and Modern Chinese History Time control0mtd2012-07-12 14:19:02
Simply lists the major events on it.
The Chinese figure in foreign film1 2012-01-30 01:57:34
I saw many foreign films , the Chinese can sometimes appear in the film , but the number of Chinese and foreign films is not very approbate a Chinese

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