And related the story of famous generals (the ancient Chinese will do modern foreign!!!)

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So help me find a 555555
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Napoleon Bonaparte About Sex: Male Date of birth 1769 - 1821 Nationality: France: First French Empire and the Hundred Days of Napoleon Bonaparte emperor of the dynasty (1769 ~ 1821). French bourgeois politicians and military strategists, the first failure of the French Republic (1799 ~ 1804), the First French Empire and the Hundred Days emperor of the dynasty (1804 ~ 1814.1815). Born in Ajaccio, Corsica ruined city of aristocratic families. Bristol Good Military Academy, Military Academy of Paris, attended the post. Any lieutenant of artillery in 1785. Affected by the Enlightenment, the French Revolution. Any captain of artillery during the Jacobin dictatorship. 1793, excellent command of the battle of Toulon, the army defeated the king of the party, was the title of major general. Governor by the Government and the Jacobins during the closing, was arrested. October 1795, he served as commander of the French army, military repression of the king of the rebel party. 1796 to his troops attack the Italian invasion of Egypt in 1798. 1799 to change. Coup d'Etat (09 November, the new Republican calendar mist April 18), the establishment of an executive government, with himself as the first failure. 1804 became the emperor, the establishment of the First French Empire. The enactment of the Civil Code (the "Code Napoleon"), commercial law and criminal law, consolidate the results of the bourgeois revolution. Restoration of the internal forces of repression of the king of the feast external repeatedly crushing anti-French coalition a serious blow to European feudalism. Gradually, after the foreign aggression and expansion, with British hegemony, Russia. 1812 Russia lost the war. The fall of 1814 in Paris against the French forces, was exiled to Elba. Returning to Paris in 1815, establishing the dynasty of the Hundred Days. Exile after the defeat at Waterloo in St. Helena. 1821 died on the island.
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