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In such a taxi driver how to do1Ula2012-05-01 01:14:51
Chongqing Jiangbei B & P bought a brick house taxi, stopped a taxi, the taxi driver to take the inner ring, I agree that the river could lead Shima, the results did not realize you pass the entrance to the Centre North, and around almost half of the trip, I thought Well, hurry home, do not care about him, asked him to lower the bill, only to lend a hand threatened to kill off the car and found your cell phone, because the rush to download brick house, did not notice the license plate number, and hastened to call my cell phone has been playing are not connected, or to hang up and then hung up once, said nothing, and has been playing an hour after closing, and the struggle of phone to the taxi management company said the license plate number and no, I bill from a machine-printed material can only search for find transport units. At that time the driver feels that perhaps consciousness, the next day the phone back to me, that night there is no report of the numbers of losses. Just who are behind the naive, research the next day, the driver in the middle of the night 3:00 consumption of vending machines 50. And then report the loss to increase the numbers. Because my phone has a security feature, change the card will automatically send text messages to another number, received the message that the card change the next day, immediately hit in the past, the man said he lost a friend just bought a used mobile phones, I said, willing to give money to buy a mobile phone but the phone back to me, because there are a lot of important information, and changing the card after the phone is power-on password, you need to brush the machine to use, but have not passed their phone, he said, the people, then I will call in the past will not collect, and closing. I guess people are willing to be deceived and lost the police, who had to keep my cell phone number to get a result that the police will not be accepted that this behavior is not within its jurisdiction, in search of companies or go to court. This does not meet quality foam taxi driver out of luck, and no way of punishing a person. How should I do?
I just take the driver's license C1, driving a taxi in Shiyan up??? Need something ah!!!1Truda2012-01-20 05:58:35
I just had the C1 driver's license , driving a taxi in Shiyan up? ? ? Need something ah!
Olympic New Taxi! You must never have seen!1disk_ck2012-04-18 02:36:28
Changan South Fourth Ring today to see Zhi Xiang 4S shop car that section, the results captured by chance in front of the New Beijing Taxi, listening to JS that are hybrids, and are used specifically for the Olympics. Now we Chang'an Jie Xun in, and Chrysler also as a super car, the style really I can not say ~ ~ ~ ~ no nonsense! First on the map! Special Olympics intuitive hybrid taxis have to take sides in particular for people with disabilities special taxi service for the Olympic Games should be like this car compared to the taxi service in Beijing is serving a taxi car compared to the Games Olympic vacation more features, and in the hybrid environment, while adding also designed special vehicles for disabled examination, very thoughtful. I am most proud of is that all taxis used as the duration of an investigation Zhixun, maple and other national brands and independent development of vehicles, be proud! Taxis can be diversified for too convenient. Such as taxis and private cars in Korea are made to their cars, we must do to support the domestic market is benevolent. Incidentally Chang'an Jie Xun praise: LZ to go this weekend to see the car 4S shop Chang? I also went to see, why not the car was found several? Could she be hiding? Chang is also a hybrid car? ? ~ Too fast to think of Honda hybrid cars and fear of high prices of the hybrid internal ~ waiting for the next two years there is a major leap forward! Chang said the fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles up to 20%, met the traffic lights down the road so it can power. I think the situation is now so high oil prices, this car really is more affordable, especially during the Olympics ~ ~ we know that Japan will give priority to environmental protection in oil trams, cars made in China did not expect achieved so quickly, the Chinese people are still smart ah! Domestic support! Zhi Xiang 4S day I went to the store to see. . . Hey ... Lexus in Japan is the tram fuel oil does not save money, the high price of fear. . . If Chang can be used as a taxi, the price should also be a right ~ it's not that nobody knows how much this car cost will be around? Taxi full of people with disabilities to facilitate good, he just finished the Paralympic Games
How Much taxi cost around New York?0sketch 2012-07-12 14:32:02
How much would be the cost of taxi/cab on the following routes? 1. Brooklyn to. World Trade/Financial District 2. World Trade/Financial District to Times Square 3. Times Square to Liberty Park (Where we can see the statue o liberty) WOuld you suggest a more practical and economical route? THanks We are planning to tour NY. help many thanks
Appeared on the streets of Hanoi Taxi made1⺌ (. High fever ℃ 2012-03-06 21:25:03
Lifan 520 Hanoi Taxi appeared in the streets Sina Auto News on February 4, Lifan Lifan injected in Vietnam first appeared in Hanoi, Vietnam 520 taxis on the streets. Long THANG taxi company in Vietnam, according to the person in charge, this is the first car since the arrival of Lifan, Lifan Since then, there are 100 cars after another arrived, but by the impact of the Spring Festival China, after which a number of Lifan cars will come after the Spring Festival. The following streets of the capital, Hanoi, Vietnam, Lifan cab. 20070206100635.jpg (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads 2-9 11:26 Collection - Collection> Value Share -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [318819] = [27285]; attachimgshow (318,819) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "xiongjie0913 "/ / Array3Days [1] =" 2 "users [1] =" xiongjie0913 "xiongjie0913xiongjie0913 Send PM Add to friends xiongjie0913 (xiongjie0913) 366 jobs currently online UID331781 experience the essence of the 11 points of 1463 Copper 787 70 100 0 Read Access Prestige Male online registration 0 hours Chongqing 27/08/2007 12/17/2006 Last login 11 minute periods after 1463 366 The experience of the essence of copper 100 787 70 2 0 Prestige Read access published at # 02/09/2007 11:28 AM | look at the struggle of the nation face Oh ~ ~ ~ 0070206100656.jpg (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads 2-9 11:28 Reply references TOP / / ArrayTmUsr [2] = "xiongjie0913" / / Array3Days [2] = "3", users [2] = "xiongjie0913" xiongjie0913xiongjie0913 Send Message Add to friends xiongjie0913 (xiongjie0913) 366 currently offline messages UID331781 11 points 1463 Experience the essence of the Prestige 787 Copper 0 Views Access 100 Male 70 to 0 hours of recording online Chongqing 08/27/2007 12/17/2006 Last login 11 minute periods after 1463 366 experience the essence of copper 100 787 703 Prestige 0 # access to reading published in 2007 -2-9 11:29 | look in the business of good and substantial 0070206100715.jpg (0 bytes) :02007-downloads 2-9 references Reply TOP 11:29 / / ArrayTmUsr [3] = "sdshanda" / / Array3Days [3] = "4", users [3] = "sdshanda" legendary sdshanda Send Message Add to friends sdshanda (Legend) is UID415673 line 2562 Digest Posts 0 Credits 7802 Posts 5236 experience copper Prestige 0 Reading Access 2 110 Sex Male from China. TAIWAN line 0 hours until the time of last login 10/04/2007 23/07/2006 2562 Digest Posts 0 Credits outstanding experience in the copper 2 5236 7802 0 1104 Prestige read access # Posted on 2007-4 - 4 14:17 | the look out
Personal development of the problem of traffic laws taxi Agreement1Whack Attack 2012-01-29 18:12:35
Personal development problems Agreement taxi traffic laws
Water taxi thailand? is it for tourists to explore or for trade & movement?1hast2012-09-03 01:43:03 @ N00/3780601772/in/set-72157621794824657 / what this type of taxi use? because I put in my issue of movement of the carriage of how ideas and goods from one place to another, but not sure if the export and import goods there or sell stuff or if it is like the ships in which they have a trip for tourists to explore around the area / location . someone who can help or know any information?
My friend set of taxi licenses, license plates, forged, and illegal operation was arrested when, may I ask who knows, he can if the punishment? Will sentence you? Violation problem0Fitc2012-08-07 22:37:44
My friend the set of taxi licenses , license plates , forgings, and the illegal operation was stopped when , you can tell who knows , maybe if the penalty ? Will phrase ? violation problem
Driver's license exam: rear-end collision occurred when the vehicle in front, the driver should be close to the back of a chair, his hands swiftly put protection of live head. Why is wrong?1#OddKidd;2012-08-21 03:54:02
Driving license test : rear-end collision occurred when the vehicle in front, the driver must be near the back of a chair , his hands quickly became head protection in vivo. Why is it bad?
Scorecard each year driver's license test? I took a book, but is not driving within a few years, no driver's license terms related matters, right?0zane2012-07-07 14:45:01
Test Scorecard each year driver 's license ? I took a book, but not conducted in a few years on terms no driver's license issues , right?
Will my driver's license is a friend to help run, did not participate in any training directly to get a driver's license, but this law do, what not, may I ask? Violation problem1Legion of Us 2012-02-26 00:55:49
Will my driver's license is a friend to help you run , did not participate in any training directly to obtain a driver's license, but this law does , not what , pray ? violation problem
ID card and driver's license is stolen how should go through? With temporary residence permits to go through driver's license it?0Hermosa2012-07-03 21:38:02
ID card and driver's license is stolen how to follow? With temporary residence permits to go through driver's license as well ?

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