In such a taxi driver how to do

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Chongqing Jiangbei B & P bought a brick house taxi, stopped a taxi, the taxi driver to take the inner ring, I agree that the river could lead Shima, the results did not realize you pass the entrance to the Centre North, and around almost half of the trip, I thought Well, hurry home, do not care about him, asked him to lower the bill, only to lend a hand threatened to kill off the car and found your cell phone, because the rush to download brick house, did not notice the license plate number, and hastened to call my cell phone has been playing are not connected, or to hang up and then hung up once, said nothing, and has been playing an hour after closing, and the struggle of phone to the taxi management company said the license plate number and no, I bill from a machine-printed material can only search for find transport units. At that time the driver feels that perhaps consciousness, the next day the phone back to me, that night there is no report of the numbers of losses. Just who are behind the naive, research the next day, the driver in the middle of the night 3:00 consumption of vending machines 50. And then report the loss to increase the numbers. Because my phone has a security feature, change the card will automatically send text messages to another number, received the message that the card change the next day, immediately hit in the past, the man said he lost a friend just bought a used mobile phones, I said, willing to give money to buy a mobile phone but the phone back to me, because there are a lot of important information, and changing the card after the phone is power-on password, you need to brush the machine to use, but have not passed their phone, he said, the people, then I will call in the past will not collect, and closing. I guess people are willing to be deceived and lost the police, who had to keep my cell phone number to get a result that the police will not be accepted that this behavior is not within its jurisdiction, in search of companies or go to court. This does not meet quality foam taxi driver out of luck, and no way of punishing a person. How should I do?
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In the local police station , will address
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