why can't I find any buyer of our company's product on the platform of Alibaba? related questions

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why can't I find any buyer of our company's product on the platform of Alibaba?1heron2012-04-30 22:28:15
I am a GreenHand in this field , I have doing this job for about 2 weeks in this company.I have done everything possible to browse products and the use of the platform. But I found a strange phenomenon. After climbing about 100 pictures of our products , I tried to find some customers who want to buy tv / dvd remote control , however , I can not find any useful infirmation . information I've found have been updated with all our products or irrelevant . I have no ability to send a letter of development, of course, not all research. Can anyone give me some elderly suggestions, and maybe you could tell me why. Thank you.
How do i find the buyer from alibaba.com?0Kerrin2012-07-15 07:24:01
How I can find the buyer alibaba.com ?
how to find a good buyer in alibaba9camel2012-03-18 20:13:01
Different clients are industry goals in Alibaba. How quickly find ourselves in the form of customers products .
HOW TO FIND BUYER'S INFO IN ALIBABA ?1Veronica2012-10-15 09:38:01
Many members still not optimal in using Alibaba Source in getting information of Buyers. want to share with you all, in what ways or how to find a buyer via Alibaba?
How do I find alibaba express new product?1 색깔을 나타내는 단어 2012-03-04 06:48:10
Hello please i need a new product that is readily available in Nigeria
how to find the novelty product/goods buyer?2y.m.2012-07-27 17:54:01
please add my TM:[email protected]
How to make full use of alibaba of platform of alibaba1maryfae2012-09-10 06:08:02
make full use
How do I find tel for company alibaba.com?1snake2011-12-22 05:17:38
phone and fax from the company Alibaba
Is it possible for Ukrainian agricultural company find a buyer?1armadillo2012-02-26 21:50:30
Greetings ! I wonder what is ossible to find customers for fresh vegetables , pickled vegetables , soybeans , lentils , garlic, etc / We are the leading producers in the South of Ukraine (6000 hectares) and for more than two then monthly charge has neither buyers! I wonder if I become a gold member - would be the same or worse to have some clues and make the sale ?
How can i find the company or product?1Dwigh2012-01-06 19:20:47
I have only the product codes you want. for example, 447 261 046 . but when I search , I can not. So how I can solve this problem, as I am about 17 different products to find just the codes. Please help . Thank you.
how do i find a company to manufacture my product0hehehehehehehe2012-07-25 05:44:02
I need a company to make small wood parts for me in the united states . I need a few samples now and later on mass produce .
why don't Alibaba audit the buyer member throught 3rd party institution?1chelsea2012-09-11 07:15:04
I had met a large number of buyers through alibaba websit, but, I don't know how to judge who is exactly buyer who is only to collect samples from our China supplier. there are more than 90% buyers who is only collect samples with free charge. because we had sent out many samples to those buyers and charge free. Are there anybody help me for the question?

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