How is silk screen printing done?

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How is the screen ?
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Artists and designers use to create t-shirts screen printing, artwork and canvas art clothing. Companies use the silkscreen marking materials on clothing and other surfaces. The technique requires specific machinery and equipment for printing quality. Creation Designers create an image for a screenshot. Layers of the image in illustrator program creates individual layers of the image that the artist can work: each layer is printed separately in plastic transparencies and then print the screen. Preparation Degreasing the screen is crucial: wetting, spraying, washing, applying a degreasing and rinsing and drying the preparation of materials for screen printing impeccable. Application Coating the screen with the emulsion in a darkroom is prepared to take the picture screen and the ultraviolet light used for tattoos image on the screen. The emulsion is like a gloppy pink paint. By applying the emulsion to the outside and the inside of the screen - the surface and raised sides of the frame - completely covered with the film-like substance. Effects After drying the screen, the designer presents artwork on the screen. By putting the artwork face transparency in the flat side of the table and flip the image back (like a mirror image), or the design of the tattoo words correctly on the screen. Place the frame and the artwork face up on the UV scanner bed. As a tanning bed, the scanner "tan" to the press and burns the emulsion layer of the image exposure. After washing the emulsion from the screen and washing with water, perfectly burning the image on the screen. Prevention / Solution Gently rubbing with newspaper collects excess ink and dried ink sets which do not stain. Print The designers set the screen securely in a vice and tape the edges to prevent the ink from seeping up the sides of the print. Proof of the image on a practice jersey or piece of butcher paper on the pressure plate saves a significant amount of money spent on printing of bad impressions. The application of ink, printer ink squeegie up and down on the print screen to place the image created on the shirt below. Pressing hard creates a solid ink printing on the shirt. The drying of the ink on the shirt with a flash dryer, dry weapon, or dry convoyer ensures silk printing T-shirt screen will last.
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