How do I find Ningbo Shining Electronic Technology? related questions

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How do I find Ningbo Shining Electronic Technology?1Arman2011-12-30 22:58:34
How I can find Ningbo Shining Electronic Technology ?
How do I find EL Electronic Technology Co. LTD ?3Kelly T 2011-12-26 18:01:25
Hello , I make a Purchse of this company, but when the goods arrive , is not the same product you pay for. I order and pay with 8 laptops, but I get 5 pieces. netbook . Is this a fake company or is there more ? The details I have given are: The Electronic Technology Co. LTD Details of payment: Western Union and MoneyGram NAME: Hongfeng NAME : LIN CITY : Shenzhen Province: Guangdong COUNTRY : CHINA Postal Code : 518000 FOR T / T A / C No. :. 477275501880765096 NAME A / C: LINHONGFENG Bank: Bank of China Shenzhen Saige Plaza sub-branch SWIFT CODE : BKCHCNBJ45A ZIP: 518031
How do I find Shenzhen you&my Electronic technology group co?2Stephanie2012-01-06 17:27:57
How I can know that my colleagues and Shenzhen Electronics Technology Group?
How do I find FANG XING ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY LIMITED?5"The money 2012-03-20 20:53:35
Is this an honest company or a scammer ?
How do I find hong kong wah shen electronic technology ltd from China (Mainland)?1Bevi2012-02-10 03:21:38
ES Products wanted booklet about buying ?
What is electronic communication technology?1leopard2012-03-27 21:16:35
What is the technology of electronic communication ?
Xun Teng Electronic Technology Ltd2gazillion stars r in my sky!!! 2012-02-09 06:37:24
Guobiao Chen Electronic technology Co.,LTD4Paul2012-04-11 18:47:11
From this company we would like to buy used computers , but insist that they pay 30 % T / T in advance. Tel . 86.13243509056 . They do not accept you will pay the trust. Please advice we can pay to be sure
Guobiao Chen Electronic technology Co, Ltd1Jo Ann2012-08-10 11:56:41
This company SCAM me about $400 without deliver the product.The company is a Scam so be carefull with this company
Please confirm this company as a legitimate supplier . They are asking for a bank transfer to the person and the name of the company, we usually just send bank transfers in company name only.
HK Business Electronic Technology company0Nauman2012-06-26 22:44:06
is the above company verified member of becouse of i have to do payment.
Guobiao Chen Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd2Dunca2012-04-29 20:45:55
Attentive to every purchase of this false perspective Chen Guobiao company Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd is a scam , please do not send any money to this company if you do you will be scam, I paid for the laptop and not can deliver the product. The company is a scam , fraud , fraud .

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