District of Guangzhou which are more decorative company? Are concentrated in what way with what?

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It is better to give a company name and address specific , very grateful!
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In Guangzhou, a large market of decorative materials is more than a dozen. Centered at the South Shore Road, Great South Road and Tai. South Bank Street, the main business of professional materials decorative materials decorative lighting of the categories of steel. South Bank Road, which is bounded by the railway station in Guangzhou, the provincial bus station, south, Youth Park, Liwan. Furthermore, No. 30 Canton South Bank Road, decoration materials market, 33, the south bank of the decoration materials market, the star light decoration materials market of 44, 20 market Guangdong decorative materials, primarily engaged in decoration materials, ceramics, lighting hardware professional wholesale market. Great South Road in Yuexiu District, a major professional decoration materials Street South, China and Great South Road, 117 kam decoration materials market, primarily engaged in decoration materials, hardware lighting material. In the Great Southern Highway 2, a city of Pacific Lighting Lighting is mainly engaged in textile wholesale, 59 and the decorative arts and crafts mall in Guangzhou, the main activity is the fabric of the curtain wholesale. Great South Road, Beijing Road, east, north uprising Road, south near Haizhu Square. Tai Kang road near Haizhu Square, a professional Tai Hong Street, decorative materials, mainly engaged in decoration materials, sanitary, anti-theft steel doors supplies. There are major decorative materials decorative materials market Taikang hardware. In addition, the Wellness Wellness East Street, east of professional decorative materials, mainly engaged in decorating materials, lighting, security products and advertising materials. River, near the intersection with Sha Tai Road Shahe River decoration materials market, mainly engaged in decoration materials, hardware, Sha Tai Road, Baiyun Market Square, in front of the day, mainly engaged in materials decoration, plywood, and the sand of the East River Road, decoration materials market, the main operating decorative materials, hardware, advertising materials. There are 108 old road to Canton, Cong Tian Jia Ping River City Decoration material, but also the materials management industry decorative hardware. Dongpu the vicinity of road materials Jubei Jubei decorative, Guangzhou City, mainly engaged in decoration materials, hardware industry. Mainly engaged in stone processing and sales of decorative stone Jubei City. Huangshi road, not primarily engaged in decoration materials, ceramics, metal decorative materials Anwar City. Not primarily engaged in the lighting of the city lighting Anwar. Avenue South, No. 581 in the industrial, is a Golden Horse Town decoration materials, is principally engaged in decoration materials, ceramics wholesale. In addition, members of the village is located in Huangpu Road, Xi-Long boom of building materials decoration Square and the Huangpu Road West, South City Hing decorative materials, decorative materials, Po million in the market, primarily engaged in building decoration materials, hardware industry, relatively large-scale decorative materials wholesale market.
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