Traffic police badges black, only two stars, no bar, is what?? Violation problem

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Badges of the traffic police blacks, only two stars , no bar , is what? violation problem
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Oh, the system of civil police and judicial police badges are the style, it is necessary to emphasize that the police planted. You said that a police officer, the levels are used. Inform the police ranks bar style table lights, a star is the second police officer, two weeks is a police commissioner, a bar, a star is the third superintendent, the two stars is the second Superintendent Samsung is a Superintendent of Police Inspector, two bars, a star is the police inspector in third place, the two stars is the police inspector second, Samsung is a police inspector of the IPCC: olive leaf , a star is the third of the IPCC, the two stars is the second IPCC, IPCC, deputy police Samsung is one: the semi-circle around the national emblem of an olive branch of total IPCC: The coat of arms is surrounded by an olive branch, in addition to "prepare police officers (police cadets)" and "Officers of the students' two plates, which are a fold and twice the range Shui Po People's Armed Police and range of these recruits, have all a fine Shui Lance Corporal: two small NCO NCO kidnapping: Kidnapping NCO logo, plus a small secondary NCO: NCO logo plus a rough three NCOs Shui NCOs also of a harsh brand of fine Shui Po (equivalent to two small oil Shui Po, at all levels, and so on) six NCO: noncommissioned officers, and three rough kidnapping lieutenant flag lieutenant: a bar of a star, the lieutenant row-level: a bar two weeks after the message is / Vice-captain with staff: a bar of Samsung, is / partner with the business office of deputy officer Major professional school: two bars of a star , is / Deputy Camp Commander position: two bars of two weeks, is / level of colonel of the regiment attached: Samsung, two bars, positive / vice commander of the regiment, Colonel Vice-level division: two four-star bars , positive / attached to the division level, military general, Vice Admiral: olive branch to add a star, positive / deputy corps commander Lieutenant General: olive branch, add two stars, is / will the deputy regional level: a branch more olive Samsung, regional head (as the headquarters of the Armed Police General Commander of the Armed Police, political commissar of the other staff, and large areas, such as Army Commander in what will be the same, not as members Central Military Commission and the Central Military Commission Vice-President)
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