Le coup five carefree winter decoration

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Le coup five carefree winter decoration
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Many friends are decorated in time for winter, hoping to remain in the new home last year. But eventually some discomfort in the decoration of winter, cold and dry winter, the difficulty of building and construction quality for both problems. Xiaobian of his gun, five steps for the decoration of winter fun. Dan Kanu room sofa selection Mani previous warm periods in winter lime whitewash the best time is 10 am-4 pm between. This time the temperature is relatively high, putty to prevent freezing. In addition, due to lower outdoor temperatures in winter, ceramic tiles from the outside can not immediately enter the house paving, must be set aside at least 24 hours to adjust to room temperature before tiles. Carpentry work in the workshop should be adequate to maintain the union of solid wood or composite floor, leaving a 2 mm stitching around the joints. Furniture, the need to stay out of the interface is about 0.1 mm apart to avoid heat, thermal expansion and contraction caused by the phenomenon of dark and empty. Materials, decorative panels to prevent the metamorphism and deformation should be flat, the lower band over a Daixinban Daixinban pressure, can not stand the place, so you can prevent cracking of the panel, Qi Qiao. Chapa, paint and other decoration materials, careful not to accumulate next to the radiator to prevent heat deformation, resulting in normal construction is difficult. Sieve the sand if the child is not appropriate in the ice for the use of concrete brick, it is best not to open the building, is best used with the mortar mix, do not move too much time to waste to prevent freezing . Apply paint a defined temperature is greater than 5 ° C when the ambient temperature must not apply paint defined below 5 C, therefore, should pay attention to the windows in winter, decoration and construction of doors closed to ensure the indoor air temperature of not less than 5 C. This can ensure that the indoor temperature, outdoor arena Chuigua On the other hand, to prevent furniture and damp walls, rough uneven phenomenon occurs, must be completely dry before painting as ventilation doors and windows open. Links of furniture small apartment with 3 criteria
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