T-shirts - stand in the way of a

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T -shirts - a position of the form
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Long ago, the shirt to find their own voice, and began to speak aloud. Twentieth Century 30, the U.S. team jerseys and T-shirts printed with team members on their number and name. The American University one step further on the shirt with school logo. Therefore, T motifs and figures, not just clothes: T in the media. The policy adopted at once so cheap and easy to extend the media and believe that this effect is guaranteed. A large demonstration in the game - as the U.S. presidential campaign the last day of primary elections - people continue the practice of wearing a different shirt to express that they are this or that candidate's supporters, and these shirts just playing music and a lively sound, the stars and stripes, there flowing around the head of the posters printed to match the candidate. In 1948, Republican presidential candidate Thomas E. was the first of its motto "DEW IT with Dewey" printed on the shirt man. Although the latter did not give him good luck - was the Democratic Party coup HARRY TRUMAN - but the bull's-eye of his mind, after the presidential candidates are more or less based on the motion. Along with the badges, T found him in the field of political slogans in the propaganda advantage. In the period after the presidential election. Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower, with his famous picture "I like Ike", along with supporters of India to the shirt. 1960. JOHN F. Stars KENNEDY candidate's campaign team of the bars and just give a complex background, printed in a more direct and clear message, as a mind, as a direct hit right hook crucial. "KENNEDY for President" 1992 New York Fashion Technology Association "are those who choose to" show officials said. "The United States T-shirt is our equal, true, and a symbol of democracy" the just concluded elections in 2004 U.S. president, George W. Bush and Kerry in addition to eye for an eye each attack, but also launched a war of unprecedented scale T T. Americans through the collection of shirts to express in this way, political passion, these shirts printed text of the vulgar to which all ridiculous, is described as "the phenomenon of campaign T-shirts." Printed "fly God who" in opposition to President Bush in support of Sen. John Kerry T-shirt is the hottest in September of goods sold. "No feces cloth" (NOSUSHIT): Italy is not Bush. Some Republicans did not like this shirt, political t-shirts for these companies have gained an unexpected benefit. According to an Internet marketing company in San Francisco reported that a T-shirt sales increased by 300%. Bush supporters also launched its own campaign t-shirt. The conservative Web site are being sold in a T-shirt reads: ". John will wash" the name of John Kerry, "red" refers to flushing. There is a shirt printed with black and white images of Bush, who said: "Like it or not, please help your opponent." October 31 of that year, located in Durango, Colorado City with took place at Fort Lewis College faculty in the case of local students has gone on, and on the events of the Qiaqia Yin and shirt. Not long ago, Fort Lewis College students make Ao Daniel wears a shirt sporting T, T-shirts supporting the contents of the Republican Party, also said that "working for us now, or after working for us," and so on. A restaurant outside of school. O'Daniel wholeheartedly support the Republican Party is not without pride to show. The Democratic Party supports a visiting professor at Fort Lewis College Maria O'Daniel was wearing a Republican shirt, I had my heart was not happy with O'Daniel deliberately to show in public, it is even more angry, so they went without any kind of explanation to the legs suddenly kicked O'Daniel. Local police have revealed that the material expelled from O'Daniel great anger, and to inform the school, also complained to the media, and prepare teachers to court Mary. The elections, turnout is protected in secret, but the shirt, but shout their political views. Even so, at numerous seminars and meetings, promotes discussion and debate, to maintain the vitality of democracy.
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