Is there calendar to you can look over there?

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Is there timing so you can look over there?
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Windows Calendar had not seen - Software Series series 88Dog Http :/ / " Windows Calendar " is an individual program based on the Windows system clock , software is in the function of the Windows system clock with the original reservation, while it increased a lot of little features that the agreement with China to use a convention, for example, lunar research , weather forecasting . ? This software is still increasing steadily the new function, the best of oneself provides custom Windows tool of the most convenient , cheap natural resources for the general user . Clock control system intuitive and concise weather of the city of lunar research , automatically updates the most recent function 1. Double screen right when the next speaker 1. Double screen right when the next horn 2 . The time at the interface of setting time choose to have to investigate ( year / month / day)? 2 . Choosing the option of time 3 . Lunar date is immediately displayed to the right of the date 3. The urban name entries instead of clicking on " application"
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