TV advertising is a latex wall paint on it? Can I buy is not very smooth, ah? related questions

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TV advertising is a latex wall paint on it? Can I buy is not very smooth, ah?1â¿´ 'Sc!! Curcuma love you 2012-01-01 20:52:37
Advertising on television is a wall painting latex on it? Soft, but not me ah buy? The sale of the painting is the way the boss said , please , expert advice ah , I do not be fooled!
Latex paint spray paint a large painting of the pros and cons comparison1Isaa2012-05-05 03:27:22
Latex paint spray paint a large picture of the pros and cons comparison
How to remove latex paint on frosted glass?1 ⿴ 亼 said _X Mom -2012-02-10 00:59:32
How to remove latex paint on the frosted glass ? Simply the most effective way .
A few days ago to install air conditioning, home wall paint by impact drill broke, and ask you what way to fix the wall?2Pauline2022-10-05 09:36:32
Installation of air conditioning, wall paint at home by the impact drill broke, and fell about 7 cm in diameter , 3 cm depth of broken wall blocks , broken cement mortar surface exposed, such as touch of hands, but also gray. Almost circular shape of the damaged walls , the location near the air below the rim. It is used in any way to fix the wall? Lafarge caulk those who stay at home, white cement, ceramic tile sealer , no I can not know what you need? Thank you !
Married, not to buy a house, but also, and parents crowded together, but want to renovate the old wall the room, recommend wall paint, I am an area of about 100 ~0ree2012-07-12 04:26:01
Ah , things were moving around to well
Bedroom wall paint! Where paints environmentally friendly? Love the paint, three trees, Dulux what?3Little fool 〆2022-10-05 09:36:44
Is the use of paint, or what the paint, wood, wall paint, the paint is to use, and where a good brand of paint! Thank you !
Doorways and more to teach you pick paint wall paint1Chris2012-01-27 01:30:49
The doors, the most to teach you collect paint wall paint
House floor area of 120 square meters (except the bathroom and kitchen have been), how much primer and latex paint brush finish?2Beverley2021-09-29 01:37:39
House area of ​​120 square meters ( except the bathroom and kitchen have been) , the amount of primer and latex finish paint brush?
Save wall paint1Chal2012-02-18 23:59:14
I decorated the end of more than 04 years in wall paint , until now I have it still . Today, found that some iron oxide , Qi is the walls can be stored for long periods of time ? ( For example, ten or fifteen years) if the substitution of iron, plastic bucket can be used ? when I opened the iron to see what the situation is not that wall Qi, then? request a detailed explanation.
Dulux wall paint1Lalt2012-07-22 07:09:02
Where I can buy in Changzhou , Jiangsu Dulux paint color charts . Call back Mr. Yang 13914329063
The color of paint on the wall0Deann Morgan2012-10-02 04:52:02
I 'm going to bed , brush on the wall behind the colors , I chose a warm yellow , but do not know what color the walls with good looks . . My furniture is dark lines , similar to the color of mahogany furniture or the color of the table owner . .
Ceiling with the choice of wall paint1Hema_Malini 2012-05-30 20:13:05
Households with only roof paint the wall , the wall because they are only at the top of the wallpaper with paint, intends to use the Pu Tongqi not know Dulux Colour House Lai and dreams that a more appropriate home . Thank you ! !

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