On the KTV decoration and matching problems.

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What I do ktv small point. 0125 In the bustling city hall is 6.5 square meters, aims to separate into two layers, is expected to be 8 KTV rooms of different sizes, add a row , the problem to help estimate the cost and interior decoration KTV ( sound decoration sofa Air Conditioning VOD system, etc ) about what it costs. Please list as detailed as possible. Thank you.
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20 million or so, the overall decor and audio equipment in general, but sub-ah, the sound can pass his own satisfaction, 18 million ha ha ha ~ ~ staffing requirements is not the same one the following problems KTV decoration acoustic problems KTV decoration decoration is a very complex issue, and in relation to the building, structure, acoustics, ventilation, heating, fire protection, lighting, audio, video, etc., but also for safety, utilities, environmental protection, culture (decorative) and other issues. Kara OK rural decor are different, China is the world's largest karaoke OK country, saw and heard the decorating style is different, but there is a universal problem of poor acoustics, especially the luxury decor, we went to sing KTV also exists when the acoustic defects, the feeling is very difficult to sing (in reference to the case of a good sound system) or the phenomenon of sound coloration. Interference in some places is serious, multi-room karaoke singing into a toad in the hole. KTV puts a serious noise pollution, the noise started. Investors that the heart is not ready to happen, it will affect your business, after all. As audio Gong Zuozhe We are very concerned by this problem, some experts in Beijing as the design of some of the consultants entertainment (acoustic or audio), plays a good role. Here are some common sense issues are discussed below. First, the room noise: noise is the best way to resolve the interference, in theory, the greater the hardness of the better sound insulation. The most common decoration is light steel keel board plaster walls, but the average sound absorption of cotton, but due to poor quality, poor sound insulation. Some KTV in Beijing are mostly using this method of adjustment, the sound insulation is poor. Beijing Fang Zhuang region, a KTV in renovations also adopted this approach, the effect of audio test equipment when the interference is severe, there is no way investors can only modify the program to hire experts to study the noise, has only recently opened an extension, the delay time investors caused incalculable economic losses. It is recommended that those who are ready Kara OK entertainment accessory for people decorating the room should be considered before the noise problem. Soundproof walls, so material to use is the best? Economical and practical option is 2 / 4 red brick walls, concrete walls on both sides. The separation wall must be mounted on the top, vents or other needs to go away and then hit across the line, sealing of the pipe should be taken into account, otherwise the same phenomenon can cause interference. Following the acoustic panels, this material is the professional sound insulation, sheet metal on both sides of the role of the middle class is a plastic foam insulation, the wall thickness greater the noise, the better. In some places, and bear the weight of the problem, not the brick or masonry approach, with only the light steel keel gypsum board approach, our proposal is out again in an additional layer of gypsum board is a hardness relatively high plate cement, cement board and plaster are the same (size about), but much higher than hardness of the cast, is a very good sound insulation should be noted that the process of construction, especially some of the gap should be closed. Effect of noise inspection method is to run a normal ambient music, one meter in front of the sound attenuation, for example, sound pressure level of the room is 90 dB, measured at one meter outside the room was 60 dB sound pressure level is 30 dB noise. The treatment room door decoration is also a difficult problem, the door handle is a study of professional isolation, sound and good, but expensive, usually a gate price varies from 4 to $ 5 000, as many on the yuan. More practical in use today is the formation of a door and encryption methods door seal, with pretty good sound insulation in camera (as opposed to the normal door is concerned). The social life term noise is caused by human activity than industrial noise, construction noise and transportation out of the living environment in the sound. Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention Law of the Republic of China stipulates that in the urban area where noise-sensitive structures are concentrated activities, business due to the use of fixed equipment, environmental noise pollution caused by commercial enterprises, should follow the department of environmental protection administration of the State Council, the provisions of local people's governments above the county level departments of environmental protection administration of the environmental noise pollution have caused the condition of equipment and facilities to prevent and control environmental noise pollution situation, new cultural and entertainment businesses must comply with the limits noise environment of noise emission standards, state regulations do not comply with noise emission standards environmental, cultural administration department does not issue business licenses, the operation of cultural entertainment, and their managers must take effective measures to keep the noise in the limit that the state of the environment the noise emission standards, to prohibit the use in commercial transactions or the use of loud speakers broadcasting in attracting other clients, the business use of air conditioners, cooling towers and other possible environmental noise of equipment, facilities, operations managers must take steps to keep the noise in the limit that the state environmental standards of noise emission; ban all units or individuals in the urban area where noise-sensitive structures are concentrated high-pitched speakers, in an urban area streets, plazas, parks in the organization of recreational and other public places, meetings and other activities, the use of audio equipment can cause interference with all the great volume of living conditions, and must comply with the provisions of the public security organs local.
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