How to choose a good graphics card

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Choosing a good graphics card
Answer1batAnswered at 2012-04-25 01:05:49
The quality of the graphics card is not difficult to judge, doubts it is easy to understand. Card capacity and frequency of current mobile phones must be licensed as the relationship between the board and the camera! Imagine if a country house with a good cell function onboard camera phone camera, even if the board no matter how powerful, but shooting has been damaged. The quality of the graphics from a holistic view of the specifics to see how these should be: 1 job, the key starting materials PCB circuit board, capacitor materials, and if ordered alignment specifications, method of Cooling is reasonable. Buy a video card and other consumer goods to buy, like the first impression is very important, the first time I saw him when I felt so powerful that half the battle. 2 specification, all graphics cards available in the market, Silver Edition Gold Edition Diamond Edition or variety, is just a product of the business strategy of marketing. In fact, it's just to give you the difference between a household name with the same type of other products. But those cards as few specifications, in determining the models of graphics card to buy after seeing the rest of existing capacity, number of bits, and the frequency of it! Quality is the same chip can not be false, there was no transmission of the disease are real! Manufacturers to reach higher after chip makers to carry out its own graphics chip. Therefore, it appeared on the market with specifications of the graphics card may vary, quality is uneven! By introducing believe it has a certain understanding, and now to deal with his body to the previous question. In fact, the specifications of the graphics hardware parameters can be as important to sort the display core> core frequency of> the current frequency of> existing bits of width> the current capacity of the chip card can be seen ultimately, when you buy a certain type of graphics card to determine GF7300 such then you should consider the frequency of memory and a little wide. The frequency is higher, the better! Your question is not a memory for 1ns goal of lower speed, the better can be negative when buying a graphics card to try to collect the card speed graphics memory block value is smaller the smaller the value, the frequency of high memory, high-end graphics memory speed GDDR3 memory often:-1ns should have been translated into more than 2600MHz frequency is possible, then, memory interface of 256 bits of main current graphics cards have 265 bit wide, that if up to 256 bits are lower than that at the time a large memory capacity is a waste of mobile phones brand as in the example of a start as if the block 1ns High speed memory with a 128-bit graphics card, like a Lamborghini sports car higher, running on the streets of the South. The following is the memory capacity, when the speed of the memory (ie, frequency) and graphics quick-bit wide (preferably 512bit basically good enough, but 256 is now the main stream) are very good For larger video memory is better able to cope with the current trend of 512 high-definition movie watching habit office and meet the needs of large scale 3D game! Now most of the face are doing on the card of 1 GB of course, 1 GB fully in effect, anti-aliasing, render large scenes, when the yellow surface, it would be better! Word is not expensive, only buy the best O (O ~, finally got to play the breath to say that a cup of tea!
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