Wage earners to be able to save money after decoration decoration living

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Employees to save money after living decoration decoration
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Points to consider the basis of the decoration of the decoration of the working class + + appliances furniture renovation costs core materials can not be separated at the end how to spend the money, maybe you get on how to spend, not clear. In general, you must be a function of pocket "money" to what extent what, moderate consumption, planned spending to new relaxed stay home. In general, there are three cost elements have to be all know: the main material basis of the renovation costs + cost + cost of devices for home furniture. Here we asked the experts on their own special T operator to help with your renovation. Assembly principle is: To dress the conditions in the home environment better space. Not the most expensive, but the best, do what moderate consumption, value for money is the key, you can not ignore the environment & health, the most important point. Cheap is not necessarily equal "benefits" in the consumer, at the same time note: you pay for! Random not covet "cheap", cheap is never equal to the "benefits" no free lunch, and the "cheap" will always be cheaper "right." For many consumers the basis of the decor, the feeling does not matter, paying attention to all and costs spent on the "raw material" or other "opposite", and we should not ignore and despise the "basic decoration," the basis of the decoration is often in real life, not "base", often decisive role beyond their imagination, as the hidden works waterproof, processing circuit so important, even to the future quality of life and livelihood security. Therefore, the place does not have to spend money to "save". Installation Expert advice: put money in the "vanguard" on. Long-term benefit in investing in one go, not to be provincial projects such as the wall of the "processing circuit", so be sure to use good products, because if a problem can be is "large". In some, like "out side" places, such as "strip" so you can use the general, once damaged can be replaced by a "new". Maybe for some "life", not "fixed" place to be omitted, as in "the back wall of the kitchen cabinets processing" can be omitted when the Stones or "common wall" This should avoid some costs were entirely feasible. Avoid the loss of large purchase for the main material is true, unless it is "big fish", just to enjoy the honor and comfort, do not worry about the price. Consumers generally can be seen in a series of often seen or repeated use of the project, use the brand or higher quality product (eg, taps, etc.), and the poor can not be considered common use and general well-known products no. This can reduce overall costs. Not blindly, no matter how provincial savings. Should be specific and comparative savings. Prohibition: the practice runs the risk of savings. Do not rush to buy furniture, buy furniture for expert advice, according to their needs and the use of an area the size of the room, moderate buy. Do not just housing market materials under the "naked" what feels good furniture, furnishings, "style" to order, we must understand the real space of their home, the size if necessary, can be measured a good size and even the figure of the designer in the design of the "screen", look to see if aesthetics and use, and then ordered back into the market too late. Experts suggest that before the decoration of furniture do not have to rush to buy, you can completely renovated according to the scene and the real need for order. The decor is also a "financial" expert to make a point to consider: the decor is a good home decoration can make the space more beautiful and comfortable, maintaining the high quality of life, happiness and health forever " financially. " be with your life. The good fit can be relatively long to keep at least 5 years, 10 years or more to consider than the house, and perhaps a renewal without success, from design, together with a principle concern and the impact of depression on the mood of consumers, the "problem project" does not intend to maintain a longer time, perhaps save some point a lot of renovation costs, but instead was "2032 decor" difficult dilemma. Therefore, the experts suggested that the money spent in "areas most needed," if it's cheap or expensive. 1 | 2 (total of 2 pages)
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