Linked to the rise of fashion better and more economical consumption of hot hot machine

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In connection with increasing the best and most economical consumption of the machine warm, hot
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In connection with the appearance of hot machines use a better and more economical fashion today, the nobles who were above the crowd has always been linked to a shortage of hot machine suddenly become a hot consumer, Pokka , China Resources, Trust-Mart, Carrefour and other large supermarkets are lining up to buy or even linked to the hot machine, its highest point, compared to the bars of the previous generation, the new show features linked to more hot machine, ironing faster, better quality, more the province of effort many advantages, especially in Ryder Bell, Jacuzzi, TCL, United States, Maier, the domain of the bridge, hearts, families headed by Superman and flying giant machine hanging from the board with the "better and cheaper," technology is quietly unleashed a hot high end machines linked to the movement of civilians! Garment Steamer of the steam iron Bell, the force of the traditional heat engine Ryder was able to be linked to the generation of quality plates for items, because of its major strengths is unprecedented, not only the appearance design is very simple fashion. According to the analysis of the China Consumers Association: Accidentally easy to iron clothes in ruins, though not ruined by moisture, it will be difficult to dry clothes immediately, and hung hot hot machine can always be used in any time, for workers that can be described as convenient, the traditional style and other reasons, because iron and ironing clothes on the ironing board is necessary, but a lot of clothes, could not reach the corner , and as Ryder Bell linked with international brands such as Whirlpool, heat engine uses a lightweight brush high, as a woman, such as embroidery flexible fingers freely, on a hanger can be free to hot, hot, hot where to where, heating and instant hot finished, they quickly become the new star of the era of most housewives! Bell Ryder steam ironing machine linked with professional drain cleaning and convenient! Among them, Bell clothing Ryder steam steam-BJ GS20 has a steam fourth gear to choose from, can be Tiaodang ironing different texture, and Bell Ryder came to China from Germany, which marks iron decades formally withdrew the stage of history! Ryder broke a better and more economical decathlon Bell Bell recently linked to the hot steam in a GS20-Ryder DJ / T and four percent on prices, costs only 389 yuan now, as consumers did new favorite ! "A substantial increase in price is linked to the hot-selling machines as the key to the volcanic eruption!" The State Council, Centre for Development Research of the mass of the appliance industry research group director Professor Shi: Two years ago the environmental movement has written a brilliant induction of second last year, for the sake of Sanlu melamine poisoning of milk and soy hot event this year, a flow of people bustle clothing raised awareness of the achievements of the sterilization machine connected to the hot volcanic eruption. Since the Germans hot Ryder Bell machines linked to China proposed the concept of life has been linked to the machine hot high-end stationary seventy-eight thousand U.S. dollars, have a sense of standing above the crowd, in recent years, Ryder Bell through materials innovation and large scale production, the first to introduce the concept of thousands of families linked to the hot machine, ironing machine for ironing our clothes tasted linked material benefits! Vaporizer steam Ryder Bell, mouth temperature of 98 degrees, aluminum pole with four sections of the stent may be of any height adjustment, comfortable and convenient storage collapsible stent, so that different users may use the height can be adjusted according to their own, the greater concern is Bell Ryder tank, is currently the technology in the PBX world, the user hit the tank general use of transparent PVC, removable water capacity deposit of 2 liters of water into the water, clearly visible and easy to iron without pay for sustainable development 60 minutes, even if water did not fall accidentally in the process will not hurt, and greatly improve the durability of product, the greatest technological advances in the drainage is very useful to help clear the way Huanbao, Bell connected with the steam hotter than ordinary iron Ryder faster and more convenient, it is traditional, not only to clean stuffed toys Bedding can also clean the heavy curtains, fully embodies the round of technology hanging from the machine is hot! In summary, the role of Ryder Bell hot machine linked to more than just iron the clothes, but also for clothing and linen curtains and even stuffed toys can sterilization, deodorization, disinfection, and not damage clothes, ironing faster , ie open, without waiting, improved quality, fewer failures, heating or drying off automatic, dual protection, saving gas in the province, the hangers will be able to iron, but can put in a good warm clothes to go, say goodbye to the tedious traditional ironing! Ryder is through the four Bell advantages of becoming a leader in products linked to the soup machine, which leads to the other second-tier brands linked to the common prosperity of the machine hot market of China!
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