zm-300t punch card machine how to set microcomputer

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ZM- 300t card machine blow configuring microcomputer
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This is the beauty of your blog you put the lid of the machine open , right click the Settings button to access the setup mode, press + or - to select the group shows 01 flashing, press OK to enter in the group. Now explain the contents of each group of game : 01 set for the year , which is set to 2009.02 for the dates to see the calendar day before the 2 is two months after the Japanese. 03 for setting the time , behind the last two are the points . After 04 can not be established (04 to automatically switch the next day, 05 to the specifications of the card sets the default format for printing 00.01 . 06 salary classification for the set ( external use) , 07 for the standard time setting , 12 or 24 hours . 08 to adjust the printing position , behind the adjustment range 00-15 , the greater the number of print below upwards, two days after the interval 00-30 , the greater the right impression . sun 09 for the time-saving settings (external use ) , 10 for the percentage system ( foreign use ), 11 positive and negative for all attendance card , the default is to distinguish positive and negative 00, 01 for non -recognition. bleaching time setting (set when the clock is red or black ), the state press the color button in the set, press + or - choose Group from the first set of default values ​​, press + or - to adjust color when the correction value of 01 black , 02 red, press OK in the press of + or -. to select the color settings of score , complete press OK , press + or - to select the color (01 black , 02 red).
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