Decoration Guide: in the end, or do the door to buy the door?

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Shopping Guide : In the end , or make the door to buy the door?
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Home decor, wood furniture, as one of the main terms of five years is a very important part. Door of the suite is trying to buy wood to do this? This is what many owners will meet with friends decorated a widespread problem. Now, you may want to consider it. The EU sent from the door of the suite sets quality wood doors, paint effects, environmental protection, such as industrial production, these areas are far superior to the door by hand. In general, the famous wooden doors has a relatively large production machinery and equipment, dry wood, finger, flat, the assembly line of paint are relatively mature. The wooden door handcrafted and began to use more Daixinban and production of plywood, paint, painting the scene, it is difficult (or impossible) to achieve the mechanical level. So exquisitely detailed from the point of view, the door to do nothing better than buying the door. However, due to the production plant in the door style and color suite, where there are rigid, and if in the process of renewal of the hand with more wood in matching colors and styles are relatively more informal hand. The period of service as a short dress of the door, the speed of installation, usually in less than six Tang, can be installed, so the relative improvement services, and handmade nails to paint the door from the end, takes about two weeks. Services so efficient and standardized, the door of the suite better than the manual door. In general, if your home decorating style is simple, and I would end well decorated, the best buy at the door; If your house carpentry, door style in relatively large changes in the requirements, taking into account hand the door, but most of carpentry, but also consider environmental issues. Recommended reading: 10 Qijia analytical suite door most exclusive show you three easy ways to distinguish the quality of solid wood doors
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