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Ten of the most stupid online business ideas - were all successful!1Camille2012-04-23 23:35:31
Ten of the most stupid business ideas online - succeeded! A friend asked Internet start-ups in the end you can do something? The question is not answered, can too. You have to start from their own hobbies, researching a target market that you can give what? You can give this thing that people can not find it for you, only you find it. To help expand the ideas, today introduced a few days to see the ten "most stupid" ideas online business (the text of foreigners), but this seems stupid idea, but success was ten. 1) million dollar site that many people are aware of this idea, the site is divided into a million pixels, each pixel is sold for a dollar, of course, I had to buy a 10x10 up to see that many people like to buy more factors. Before the birth of this site, I'm afraid that for most people, this really is a stupid idea to listen, you said you buy? But the concept of the invention of young people 21 years of age, has become a millionaire, and its 100 million pixels all sold in a very short period of time. There are plenty of people to imitate. 2) Pretend you are Santa Claus letter writing from Antarctica, pretend to be Santa Claus for the children to write and send a Christmas gift. Of course, the parents of these children, to pay $ 10 one. Listen and joking like, but has sold 200,000. 3) What dog goggles dog wearing glasses, and then sell on the Internet. This sounds very mysterious, but also could become a millionaire, also opened a lot of real stores yet. 4) laser monk monk opened a website to sell supplies like printer cartridges. It's true monk using this site, this is their characteristics. Its sales in 2005 is 250 million dollars. 5) Sell the car antenna ball antenna ball on decorative things like small toys, and now also use this thing? However, the sale online. It seems enough to drown, but was born a millionaire. By the way, are made in China. 6) a set of fitness poker playing cards, each card printed on a method of fitness, and then sell on the Internet, a payment card $ 18.95. Who will buy? I do not buy. However, a trainer last year in online sales of $ 470 million of this letter. 7) and AIDS patients with a meeting with a source of AIDS were dating, how about this idea? If you are not living with AIDS, it may be unthinkable. But if you are an AIDS patient, it may seem that the idea is not the same. Find the target market can be very precise enough for the class. 8) for diapers have to pack a lot of it with several diapers, a good time on the road for children. But in general, ladies handbags backpack, etc. do not necessarily fit in the diaper is not easy to leave. Someone built a site dedicated to selling the diaper bag, also divided into 22 categories. Just opened in 2005, we sold 18 million. 9) the joystick designed to create a more comfortable with them, to absorb the sweat, the hand lever does not tire of the game is sold online. The products are very popular, but also in the supermarket. 10) Wish Bone Western tradition have a few bones from Thanksgiving turkey pulled two people dragging a long time, you want to be reached. Turkey bones can get a few years you do? Someone online selling fake plastic bones of desire. Who buys these things? But now could produce 30,000 a day.
History of the ten most "stupid" online business ideas0Diceykid102012-07-02 03:15:11
History of the ten most "stupid " ideas online business
Online business ideas?0hollyxx2012-09-28 07:35:02
I want to start an online business that I could make six or more figures a year . I also like to enjoy the benifits of working at home instead of my long hours in the company . However, I am clueless on what online business model that I use to make six or more figures a year . The models are rather work .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Ecommerce model in which to sell something . What should I sell , though? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. Website with lots of content that has advertising revenue and affiliate revenue products bring me cash. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3. Some web pages interactive user as auction sites or social networking sites . My ideas are a web site where users can submit original songs and other users can listen rate and share with friends . Another idea is a website where users can sell and trade gift cards purchased . I'd like to make money from these sites through advertising revenue . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what online business model you think is better ? Could any of these online business ideas make me six or more figures a year ? If you say that I do electronic commerce , what product (no information products ) should sell that are profitable ? Thank you !
29 Successful Ideas To Kickstart Your Condor CBD Gummies0Quarteniopil2022-06-09 04:09:59
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Successful ideas to make money in 20081Pandora2012-04-16 18:42:38
Successful ideas to make money in 2008
Effect of sleeping bag of baby of stupid stupid ursine silk how? How much is the price?1SparklyOne2012-09-30 13:11:03
how business will be successful?0Gregar2012-06-28 10:10:02
how business will be successful?
Who else thinks its stupid that theres so much hype over a stupid map pack?04me2use2012-09-12 14:24:03
well in my local game stores are signs everywhere about Modern Warfare 2 map pack , in fact in a game store is actually suggesting u get some points for 99p if you trade in final fantasy 13 WTF also since all purchases that are not announcing future releases as Alan Wake, is just ridiculous
List of Niche ideas in the Trout Farming business0allenlu2021-01-06 23:47:57
The special significance of a properly designated enterprise sketch can't be shifted to the heritage as some distance as beginning a new commercial enterprise is concerned. When getting ready to begin your own trout farming business , you are wished to draft your personal commercial enterprise plan; a blue print that will information you in beginning and walking the business. Also, if you have anyone you seem up or as a substitute a mentor who is strolling a trout farm, you can request to see his or her enterprise diagram so that you will be properly guided when drafting yours. You can get right of entry to some templates on-line that will information you in producing your personal enterprise plan. The most necessary element is to come out with some thing that is substantial. You additionally want to recognize that aside from conducting feasibility research which would have uncovered you to mastering about trout farming, it is nevertheless very essential to study the business. For you to be triumphant in this business, you are predicted to research how to hatch trout, the best habitat for them, what they feed on and their feeding pattern, their lifestyles cycle, how to harvest them and pricing system, how to appeal to consumers and hundreds of other stuffs that will assist you in the business. In order to examine the business, you can connect your self as an apprentice with any one who is already in this line of enterprise or you can sign up in a neighborhood university to study aquaculture. Trout farming is a exclusive quarter with no particular niche, however you create a appropriate area of interest for your self via selecting your goal target audience and work to woo them. businessplanfor.com 
How long does it typically take to create a successful real estate business, as an agent?1Oti2012-03-04 00:21:35
I guess at least a year to learn the ropes and gain exp , and then two or three to start making 60-100000 a year?
How long does it typically take to create a successful real estate business, as an agent?1shamso2012-10-11 22:11:02
I'm guessing at least a year to learn the ropes and gain exp, ,and then another two or three to start making sixty to one hundred thousand a year?
How long does it typically take to create a successful real estate business, as an agent?1Ivar2012-03-04 06:59:53
I guess at least a year to learn the ropes and gain exp , and then two or three to start making 60-100000 a year?

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