Wholesale and retail inventory export to Europe and the United States plush toys

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Exports to Europe and the United States inventory toys wholesale and retail stuffed exported to Europe and the United States inventory toys wholesale and retail of luxury. All of the South Korean company toy port capacity. Product variety is a novelty. All designed by a professional designer from South Korea of high quality. We use imported materials , materials and local materials. Because my goods are goods inventory so prices will not be too high. However, export production must be ensured. There will be no quality problems. If quality problems . They can be returned. I'm in the same grade of goods at the price of toys that have a dominant decision . Friends who are interested please contact me with details. QQ272027870MSN [email protected]_b_2.jpg (0 bytes): 02008 - download 11-28 23:00
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Yongfeng Advertisement Exhibition Co., Ltd. Changsha Province Exhibition Industry Association executive director of the unit, is the first professional exhibition display companies in the industry. Today, the company has a well trained, very dedicated team of engineering professionals has accumulated a large amount of surface exposure of information and operational experience in the booth, exhibition design and construction has reached the level international advanced, the cabin design, fashion, for artistic and ornamental. The company has warehouse and production facility approximately 1,000 square meters, more than 1,400 international matches standard exposure, development has been of considerable size and strength of professional exhibition company. Company "to build brand strength, consumer guide to life, to gather people's innovation," the concept of the exhibition, and I sincerely hope that through visualization services to exhibitors stars and the best communication links among customers, to create the famous brand, prosperous market economy and create a harmonious atmosphere. Business: exhibition planning and operation of exhibition planning a large scale and the management and operation to promote new product design and exhibition design visualization and construction of exhibition display is on vacation, design exhibition and the construction of commercial showcase, design and construction of exhibition of outdoor activities, all design and environmental construction market with a variety of professional development of international standards for rent- Armor metal stand and set equipment leasing and other leasing structures (stage, lighting, sound, tents, roll screen, exhibition stands, exhibition shop games business marketing, data frames, light boxes advertising, advertising folding canopy, etc.) Printing: fine company profiles, advertising, exhibitions, product brochures, posters, banners, gift bags, boxes, packaging and other advertising: Planning for and types of IC agencies marks the plane and three-dimensional media design print and television advertising media investment ceremonial ritual ceremonies (opening ceremony, corporate promotions, etc.) achievements of service service-end services High: integrated marketing, event marketing image of the service: corporate image design, CIS in creative integrated services: Television advertising creative graphic design creative print design planning services: planning television programs, event planning, media planning sales service market: market research, marketing and general planning, promotion of new products and communication services: media consolidation run outdoors the placement of media, web delivery media. recognition service awareness of communication: communication with clients can reach a consensus, we are deeply aware of the birth of the masterpieces of the outcomes of communication with customers. Better communication between employees can understand and trust each other, to achieve greater efficiency, better customer value creation source. Advertisement Exhibition Co., Ltd. Changsha Yongfeng Hu Bing Manager Address: China. Hunan. Changsha City Zip: 410015 Tel :86-0731 -13873178-423 Mobile: 13873178423 Fax :86-0731 -13873178 to 423 Web: http://hb88888666. b2b.hc360.com /
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