Is it true that diamonds are used to cut other diamonds? related questions

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Is it true that diamonds are used to cut other diamonds?1Bridget2012-04-22 19:32:09
Is it true that diamonds are used to cut other diamonds ?
Where do diamonds come from?1 ℡ ﹎, Er 2012-02-27 22:03:53
Where do diamonds come from?
what are synthetic diamonds?2Dennie2012-04-22 02:33:56
What are synthetic diamonds ?
I want to buy diamonds we recommend, what is better????2COLOUR 2012-03-22 07:53:49
Oh, to be beautiful
What are conflict diamonds used for?1Miss Beatriz d Valle is in love with Jac 2012-01-29 00:29:00
What are conflict diamonds used ?
Are enhanced diamonds bad?0 large woman. -2012-07-24 18:27:02
Ethical Diamonds, ect3snicky2012-10-27 01:01:02
Ok , I know this is not really here and I'm sorry . I'll come back for another party if there's a section that I missed that would be appropriate. I will propose that sometime in the near future. My girlfriend and I have watched as rings and gaskets in line ( exactly when the actual official request is going to be and such, still going to be a surprise ... ) anyway, we came across this site , < / a> and looks good * really *. Canadian conflict diamonds just free trade , gold recovered, even the box it comes in is made from renewable forests and all that good stuff eco- friendly, it is more about those things than me, but I prefer all that kind of stuff clean ethics . but those things true ? I mean , I've seen anything that says the Kimberly process or whatever , is not as reliable, and another that says the Canadian diamond is not as " clean" as advertised in some places it is ... the amount of juice sentimental suckers for money , how reliable? and what about certifications ? what worried me a bit here is that the place stating that seem to use , does not seem to have the reputation of the most pristine and that worries me . also, how small is too small? What is a "normal" size for a diamond ring? ( Which takes after the marrige so not only for participation) the difference in price for more millimeters in diameter looks more like a subsantial if a good cut and everything. an idea that I thought would get loose diamond , you need to check or something, and if it should be, then put it in a ring, and if not return it ? How much verification is carried ?
How diamonds are created?1Queena2012-03-23 02:10:14
How diamonds are created ?
What is the difference between sapphire and diamonds?1Loneliness. ⒏ Qi 灬 -2012-02-15 06:04:10
What is the difference between the sapphire and diamonds?
How much are black diamonds worth?1Mongolian Shit 2012-01-16 22:29:21
How much are the black diamonds worth it?
How are synthetic diamonds made?1Mattea2012-05-10 23:05:59
How are synthetic diamonds made ​​?
RED DIAMONDS - THE MOST EXPENSIVE IN THE WORLD0kalyan_jewellers2020-08-06 07:54:07
The origin of the word ‘diamond ’ can be traced back to the ancient Greek word ‘Adamas’ (which was often used to describe the hardest body known to man). In ancient times, people believed that diamonds symbolised divine spirits. For the Egyptians, diamonds always denoted authority, truth and bravery.   

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