Suining county art is emblazon tasted whether to braid a factory to belong to solid?

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Asked at 2012-04-22 05:50:32
Ask everyone to help check mark " Suining is the message that the prefecture of art grace knows who braid factory" to free the machine from China writtens guarantee the work of hair out of real work? Additional do not have your door factory of the Ministry of Public Works in feudal China to register ?
Answer1IndiaAnswered at 2012-04-22 06:04:57
I tell Http :/ / ~ ~ V book of tricks to prevent the first secret : no matter how the other side says , is to ask for another link in the business, the store that he is not a businessman ! If the other party does not, say a few words to say goodbye says cheater ! The Baidu someone raised similar question , the specification becomes a problem in particular, are little more self -care , the friend above gives Baidu is solved, for reference only . I am versed in Jiangsu board of industrial enterprise policy inspected on behalf of this company, the feedback is that there is , the name I do not know what you get is the full name, you can not answer exactly so, check the authenticity of the Joint Undertaking , the relevant industrial and commercial administration , my phone contact with the rash of research from the office ...... before that company. Chief says he must go to their learning company, Suining not far from my homeland , known as a very bad boy there , return to those with large grains of food now. If they do to become a factory of the word in the hairstyle , saying if they have nothing to advantage.
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