Individual and industrial and commercial a conduction program of the card of modificatory duty Wu that register be what kind of?

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1.The requirements: When duty Wu contents of the registers going to change, the sun that taxpayers must be versed in commercial firm politics manages mechanism to deal with the shift register itself rises to 30 in the interior , keep close registration certificate mechanism to declare Wu, driving change required to register , no need to be in what is the mechanism of management agreements with industrial and commercial registration change according to the contributors to the primary form Wu duty, or modifying the contents recorded his duty Wu has nothing to do with the industrial and commercial content of such registration , the day must be approved by the mechanism in question or the change announced 30-day rise inside , keep close certificate be registered with the director Wu Wu duty to declare the duty of driving the shift register . 2 . This requires a database: (1) collecting the substation to establish a government , businesses through what belongs to those who sign an order "must Wu records the change of expression " (2) carbon of the Charter of industrial and commercial enterprises after the original change and its photocopy (3) photocopy of ID body corporate (4) normal. The conduct of the program : (1) the administration is in the city reviewed and approved the window Wu of duty handling card room or place to belong to pick substation business get " the duty Wu records the change of expression " (2) shall be filled in the end " Wu duty to register changes to say" get the full details of the hand instead of belonging to gather to review and verify substation to meet the formalities to amend . 4 . Offers of acceptance time limit : 5 days a week
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