what are synthetic diamonds?

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What are synthetic diamonds ?
Answer1LucyAnswered at 2012-04-22 02:32:26
Unlike natural diamonds is diamond.According size and industrial application, there are six kinds of synthetic diamond as follows: A large synthetic diamond 2single synthetic diamond crystal Polished diamond dust 3.Synthetic 4.RVG ( synthetic diamond micron powder ) 5.TSP 6.PDC
Answer2DebbieAnswered at 2012-04-22 02:33:56
Synthetic diamond is diamond produced through chemical or physical processes in a factory. Like naturally occurring diamond crystal is composed of a three-dimensional carbon . Because of its extreme physical properties, synthetic diamond is used in many industrial applications, and has the potential to become a serious disruptive technology in many new application areas such as electronics and medicine. Synthetic diamond is also called the diamond industry , diamonds manufactured, artificial diamond or cultured diamond . Synthetic diamond is not the same as Diamond-like carbon , DLC , which is hard amorphous carbon, diamond or imitation , which may be made of other materials such as cubic zirconium oxide or silicon carbide .
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