I find o general air conditioner from Malaysia

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Asked at 2012-04-22 02:08:24
We want to cooperate in marketing the brand to the cooling air called "original thanks
Answer1CraiAnswered at 2012-04-22 02:11:41
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If you can not find the products you want from a country / region of your choice , try searching for the products of neighboring countries - for example, if you can not find suppliers in India , you may be able to find providers of Pakistan. < / P > < / div >

Answer2GilbertaAnswered at 2012-04-22 02:12:29
Ability to send product data to the air conditioning division are intended volume of 2.5 tons and tons and tons of 2 and 1.5 ton The size of the cooling air conditioning, size, capacity and capability and price of energy thanks
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