Parallel phone can be used for how long? The biggest downside is that?

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Asked at 2012-04-22 00:59:57
Phone can be used in parallel for how long? The biggest drawback is that ?
Answer1CaraAnswered at 2012-04-22 01:01:26
People who buy a parallel `look` of my personal opinion that replaced seven `` line telephones with water and can be considered an expert now! His friends also have to sell the phone `I` better understanding of the cell phone! Waiting for the parallel use of a few days to buy a `` you know the difference between it and the mainstream, as the `` `Oh, when the real problems with 'service you will know the difference between it and allowed before! `current has many parallel services of the network does not! telephone companies not licensed in the maintenance department `Take the money can not repair a first parallel input `` `` fear? Fear mounts the machine 'gray market now a disaster! really do not sell parallel imports of several `` some of them even give you replace the original battery! into electrical energy High imitation! `` 2 `` after-sales warranty service will be `` the seller tells you that the warranty service is safe? my friend bought a 3230 `` buy half of the parallel problem of listening 'to music on the card and then take the call' warranty! Ha, ha, 'a repair to fix the `` middle of a month! parallel phone is turned on many 'hands several times! sell phone repair parallel `really know a few? do worse than the manufacturers? 3 `` the fear of some small manufacturers supply in Shenzhen is not called `parallel` not lose what he called! Internet to see who `probably know the phone number of the machine called the imitation of Korea up now! the appearance and functions and that the machine you want to imitate the same as `` just the lowest price 'ago I saw a scary machine `` `What if the League of N80 and Nokia N80 `` `` exactly the same that the configuration of 300 million pixels are sold in `1200! Speculators now a lot of parallel imports' interests (ie, the gray market of these disaster profiteers) `are used in small factory in Shenzhen machine components of these phones have no parallel is` not any state to get any quality assurance '`the protection of the state is inspected! Ja, ja, `` real parallelism several pure fool to sell? may soon become extinct now! 'Right' people think about their cell phone service only in the quality of `` parallel vendors poorer than the original warranty period is over and that `` `` `a problem that can only be repaired the seller while `` How much money how much money you have to repair Manufacturers take `` `service points to give him money is not going to accept the` Because the phone is not in the continental China mobile phone! therefore not responsible for the maintenance for you! If the regular phone service with bad self `Cargo`? Most importantly, spiritually lost it! adults are thinking 'Well, actually `` If parallel imports are equal and licensed as `` very cheap cost so much money `` `` `so high that not a fool' why more people are willing to buy a license? definitely have to buy a `parallel imports sold long ago made a parallel 'Oh! do not buy a mobile phone 1 day 2 days' what a few hundred dollars cheaper than the risk is not as good as `buy a reassuring! parallel imports would buy a lot of money to buy `` not really a problem of 'hurt you? I'm not here to convince you not buy gray market imports in parallel is a disaster now `` `I'm just some of the personal opinions do ``` parallel machine very attractive low prices that exalted `` `We think about what's behind it cheaper? Take it or leave taken in parallel or `that 'and I have no connection with the` I just wanted to give a reference if the views of `` ```` When you feel bad is not it wants `` lost who won! ensure that the best way to get parallel to the local `` `department stores as Gome and Suning ``` `` `There is a regular classroom with online business license Genius is the warranty card does not have `` `` worry about any problems
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