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Is this Email legit1 country girls. -2012-04-19 02:05:48
Akim Res ( 01/31/2012 22:09:04 ) Email: [email protected] I am looking to buy this company Blendtec blenders . WY MACHINERY TRADING (Penang ) Sdn. BHD. The one that I 'm talking gave this phone number Akim Res ( 01/31/2012 22:27:57 ) +60173094618
received email - legit or scam?0Jayson2012-07-17 04:02:02
I received this email today. Is it legit or a scam? From: James Chung [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 8:12 PM Subject: You have an account on Alibaba with the Company Name (eXtreme Results International, Inc.). Dear Mr. How are you? This is James, your online business consultant from Sorry to disturb you. I am a responsible person, so I should care every member at to help them get what they want You have an account on Alibaba with the Company Name (eXtreme Results International, Inc.). In the later days I will assist you with your online business on Alibaba and help you achieve business goals through [...] Your reply is very important for me to better understand your situation and offer you the best assistance. By working together, I'm confident that I can help you increase your profits on If you would like to try upgrading to Gold Supplier again, please click here. I look forward to your reply! If they can make money by Alibaba, why not you? Upgrade to Gold Supplier now: More benefit Gold Supplier membership can bring to you, click here to see a short flash: Or you can see Gold Supplier membership website to know more: Please transfer the funds and quote invoice number, net of bank charges to the following bank accounts: * In favour of: Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited * Bank: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation 21 Collyer Quay #03-01 HSBC Building Singapore 049320 * Bank a/c no.: 260-647326-178 * SWIFT CODE: HSBCSGSG Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated. Best Regards James Chung Email:[email protected] Tel: (86) 571-85022088-51124 Yahoo ID: [email protected], Skype: james_chung23 Trade manager: cn220042429, MSN: [email protected]
Have you gotten this SCAM Email? Please star, to let others know. I spam d email but keep getting it back.?2kaisa roller 2012-11-02 00:18:02
My Dear , To introduce suppose , my name is John Ntini , the first son of the late Paul Ntini . I am 26 years old, my late father P.C. Ntini was one of the great farmers of Zimbabwe and the farmers union president . It may be a surprise for you to receive this letter from me and especially where I got your contact address . I got your contact information from Global Trade Agent under the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pretoria . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus During the current crisis with the farmers of Zimbabwe by the supporters of President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white-owned farms in the country , ordered all white farmers to surrender their farms to his party members and supporters , my father was one of the black farmers who opposed the president's actions toward whites farms . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My father was killed while in the process of fighting the invaders , and the president gave the order to confiscate all property, including land. After the incident , my younger sister and I decided to leave Zimbabwe to South Africa for the safety of our lives . MedlinePlus My late father told me on his side on a bank called Standard Bank of South Africa, where he deposited the sum amount of money to his name in all relevant documents ( deposit agreement ) was given to me by him as my inheritance . < Br > MedlinePlus The total amount of this money is U.S. $ 36.Million (thirty six million U.S. dollars ) to farmers deposited their organization to buy and develop other agricultural land in other parts of Africa before this crisis clam lifetime
Does anyone have a LEGIT Darkrai willing to be trade for other LEGIT pokemon such as LV. 100 Lugia and Mewtwo?0cheese 2012-10-09 04:04:35
If you will not negotiate , because you only have one, you might have to cloned using the Global Trade Station cloning technique . Simple instructions on how to clone Pokemon just by following the link below . Just clone your Darkrai few times and I'll trade Pokémon awesome for him ! Just tell me you're friend code and leave me a script of time when you can trade me what time and date. Thanks MedlinePlus
can i email u a pic of wat i am looking 41damion carlisle2012-10-22 20:37:02
i am looking for a locking pin assembly used in the little giant and werner brand ladders, i found the manufacturer before of the werner ladders but cant seem to find now. i need to purchase just the locking pin assembly
att email help1angelinajolie62021-07-31 20:46:32
We know the correct strides of setting up att SBCglobal email, so on the off chance that you are contemplating setting up SBC email, at that point you can either go to SBCglobal email or call at the best att email help numbers.
Roadrunner Email0helencook2021-09-29 03:43:44
We can assist you with your Roadrunner Email account. For any help regarding the email setup or login, you can pitch into our website. Not only can you get help regarding your email account on the website, but also you can learn it. In the case of further help, feel free to call us.  
POLL do you have email on or not?0KAyleen2012-08-01 22:43:53
jessi open ur email What options they have for the review of trade that is not if u can not funny if not k
How do I use email spectrum?0elicewilson2021-07-19 01:32:11
Hello!If you know how to set up email on your device, you can visit our Email page; Adding Spectrum Email to Your Email App: Open the App menu and select Email.Select Add Account, then IMAP.Enter Spectrum's email server settings and follow the prompts.Then, enter ok!For more queries, you can visit  Spectrum Webmail Login | Spectrum WebMail  
FRAUD EMAIL4Elyssia2019-07-10 00:09:37
THIS emailed REC, is that fraud , if so PLS REPORT AND BLOCK TO BE ANOTHER MEMBER: Dear Account Holder , We are currently updating account security . As a user, you need to confirm a permanent member . Failure to confirm their membership below will result in suspension of service To continue, we joined Alibaba checking account in this email.All you have to do is open the attached form, fill in the correct data as required on the form. This procedure is in line with our regular security update . We wish the best of business,
att net email support0angelinajolie62021-01-28 02:00:21
We have a group of specialists who will respond to every one of your inquiries with respect to att SBC Email settings. We are focused on giving the best ATT SBC email help, so you can take att net email support  administration for the best help.
Email Response1Kell2012-04-26 22:27:18
Good morning. Can someone please tell me if what is the correct way to send the appointment. Through email or instant message through the chat program. I have used both via email and chat program, but there are plenty of cases that never get any answer. I do not know if you've read my offer. One thing sure is that I went through email is not returned to the sender. Good luck to all and Happy Holidays . MAKOTO Ochiai president Natural Clover Japan Co. , Ltd.

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