Does anyone know the "Samsung Digimax i6" advantages and disadvantages of digital cameras

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Asked at 2012-04-19 01:57:35
Want to buy a "Samsung Digimax i6 " digital camera , I learned that the panels are not strong enough, do not know the specific electrical charge can take many , video , you can shoot shot for how long? Thank you ! Other relevant information, as you are aware of , please advise , thanks to the first !
Answer1BarbaraAnswered at 2012-04-19 02:01:13
I Sept. 15 in preparation for Sunday (17 ) birthday trip for my girlfriend in the town to buy i6, black , would have to buy NV3 , but out of stock, eh eh . At first I bought overnight at 14 hours, what with the book all the characteristics of the test and found that this machine is not really based on tonight 's my girlfriend and I share birthdays of 24 years the great graduation money . Ha ha . We have over 100 Yu Yuan Tan Park Photos Photo , left 74, it is during the day light as well. A look at the computer , test, true Ah , well, usually use high quality 3M or 5M Super Plus , no matter the color very nice vision at close range ! I think it should be ISO automatically higher at night , it seems fairly obvious reasons ankle points Guanggong Yuan just bought today, one day accidentally fell on the stone table and reach a small bathroom Kediao four paint. Ah , ah feel bad, but just can not blame the girls, I'm an even greater responsibility . Fortunately, he had seen nothing unusual. I am very happy! ! ! The sound quality general camera MP3 , MP4 format must be converted to read, but good results . I went from 2000 to buy the bare metal , 60 bills , 170, 1GSD Kingston card , a total of 2230, but a small tripod , the two original standard battery ah Oh , do not overpay. I thought about the cheapening of November should be 100-200 yuan. But one day , a day before to buyah ! I Sept. 17 birthday , 18 lower at 50 what 's the point? Ing ... to make money, if you're married! Oh, i6, good. I will take no matter how good your Japanese products cheaper again, I just do not buy!
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