How to protect the environment

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Protecting the environment
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Environmental protection but also to protect yourself! Today is World Environment Day 32. United Nations Environment Programme to promote this year's theme of "Seas and oceans alive", which calls all humanity to take action to protect the cradle of life on Earth - the ocean. I live in a coastal city, you can see people every day, environmental awareness is very weak, people both in rivers and oceans as a huge source of wealth, over-fishing and consumption took as a great "junk" floating in the river by the current waste disposal, sewage great in the Gulf continued to arrive throughout the day, they mock the basis of our existence - the ocean. I know the people of this city, how many people know today is World Environment Day, not knowing the city leaders know that I do not know the first 32 Environment Day theme of advertising "survival in the sea of ​​the duty of every man" in the World Environment Day is approaching, it? Think about it, nestled in the ocean of our embrace of the city, the ruin of the sea, is the ruin of our own marine environmental protection is to protect us, protect the city, protecting the city's development and future! Environmental protection is placed in front of all mankind, is in our country, our people against an emergency, does not allow doubt tasks. To start big, small. When you know the meaning of it, should be from now on, from the bits and pieces to do from the beginning to make their own decisions, protect the environment! Overall, said the policy is to protect the environment, compliance and enforcement. Agriculture back to forests and pastures, protecting water sources, protection of rivers, protecting the marine environment and to implement, how? How to stick to? For the destructor can not be lenient, policies and regulations to summarize the experience and keep improving. From each of us is ourselves, the normal daily life, little by little from the beginning. Note that a drop of water save! Note that not litter! Do you pay attention to your environment without any obstacle to do! You better pay attention to advertising and education of the people around you, care for the environment, protect the environment! ... .... Everyone in a fight, a fight to the whole people, a fight to the National People! Caring for the environment we live in, protect the environment we live in! The quality of the environment related to our survival, development and future! Do not attach importance to environmental protection, the environment is destroyed, it will punish without mercy! The rivers dried, sand everywhere, and sometimes also lost glorious sunshine! Everybody move your hands, pay attention to it, protect the environment we live in! You should also leave future generations a pool of blue sea, leaving a green mountain, leaving a cleaner planet!
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