Liang Ying Shanghai Auto Show fashion cars

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It is understood that the Lifan 520 (thematic argument really make a data plan) to comply with the hatchback version of the current consumer demand hatchback body style and the actual use of the aesthetic needs of the dynamic compact sedan seems some have a more stylish and more elegant, to the taste of young people. But its basic body and sedans the same size, having the same internal space. This post has been edited on 4/26/2007 8:36:34 Lifan hatchback 20In addition, the Lifan 520 hatchback version will be split into two versions for different consumer groups: one will be built as a sport, with special emphasis on decoration to reflect, more suitable for young, fashion and family sport, and the other version is warmer, more family centered. Hello Manager: Our company is specialized in the production and sales of the company's automotive GPS navigation products, main products are car GPS navigation systems, car xenon lamp. Including car navigation with 4-inch, 6.2 inch, 6.5 inch and 7 inch series, using the latest generation of GPS positioning module 3, the fast and accurate location, the National Commission 2G detailed map of all true after the round, MP3/MP4 music player, photo browsing and other features to give you relaxed on your journey! you want to delivery agents, wholesale, personal, and please refer to our Customers, Thanks 1 QQ: 408149154 Tel: 025 return mail [email protected] -85622499 Fax: 025 -85506132, 13260774262 Contact: Mr. Wang Website: www. lei-ba.comhttp :/ / body Technology Co. Ltd., specializes in car GPS global positioning satellite navigation and development, production, sales and after sales service as one of the industrial enterprises, and serve as customer service, follow the hard work and integrity of others, strive for excellence, and constantly improve, and all customer-facing the needs and interests. We hope that colleagues and the community work together to create a better tomorrow! For more information, please click www.dailugps.comTel: 020-61145615 61149511Fex: 020-61149511E-mail: [email protected]
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Hatchback 20Lifan addition, the Lifan 520 hatchback version will be split into two versions for different consumer groups : one will be built for the sport version with special emphasis on the decor to reflect , more suitable for the young family , sports, fashion , and the other is a warm version , more family centered .
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