English website has been routed to the third page of google

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English website has been sent to the third page of Google for the last made ​​a post that my site is included in google three days, and today I tried a keyword, chair of the China office , has been listed on pages of others. Can be pushed back to the first page. Points are experiencing problems: first, the establishment of the station is the use of two domain names, jimdo.com , although this site pr value to 7, but because it is the secondary domain name , domain names that independent site sent a jimdo.com much of the second, the IP address of this site in Germany , much worse than the United States. Third, because it is used jimdo.com station , some functions can not be done , as the pagination of the page , the images can be enlarged and so on. Therefore , efforts have ah http://chinaofficechair.jimdo.com
Answer1He Hate Me Answered at 2012-04-18 19:26:38
We slowly, in general, two top-level domain names domain name disputes and home is difficult, but not a negative effect on the home page , the domain name is the secondary , and space you support? Then you have to be careful spatial stability
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