All important documents stolen by others

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Asked at 2012-04-18 15:56:06
For a few days because I moved all, the diploma, report card sent to the countries of origin , I finished my father gave me the original account , the account file transfer card and the lives of us all using EMS units to publish a like what our government the company after the government in one person in my whole stole the documents, and now the responsibility of government, but now the school is not the unit of account Hao Ye I can make the reception . more to the station where the gas is not the case that there are no broken EMS Blue and identity was found in the bathroom. I have no other way and let the compensation. but I 'll take that gives life, I can take to resolve the accounts and so on.
Answer1ChareinAnswered at 2012-04-18 18:24:33
Sympathetic, but according to the current system, we can not resolve your problem , your account does not become a " black " .
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